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    I am one of they who randomly discovered OCRemix through some obscure piece of music, namely Thunderstruck. That was just awe inspiring, and I wish to someday create my own remixes.
  1. This was the very first OCRemix I had EVER heard, and I never get tired of listening to it. I almost like to think of it as a theme song... but I hope to compose my own someday. As my title says, it is truly, TRULY epic.
  2. This song is Great! Love the almost apocolyptic theme you have going, the stray beeps and percussion bringing in that heart pumping feeling. A noteable part to me is when the drums seem to get on a broken record track, adding more of that broken-down machinery bit. I only wish it wa s longer, and that it faded out slower.
  3. Oh does this create Nostalgia:cry:. True, Ocarina is now on the 3DS, and I have played Majora within the past year, but those were the games. The Song of Storms, is, and always will be, my favorite piece of game music of all time. Should this ever change, may I be "Thunderstruck" . It does flow, it creates a unison of the melodies, as the sages of old. The Song of Storms sticks out most to me, just because I listen to it every other day. Keep on arranging, do the justice that is deserved of the VGM.