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  1. ...don't feel discouraged, I've been paying attention to your work and appreciating what you've spent time putting out for us.
  2. Ok, my first comment is that the instrument being used at the start (the word "Music Box" keeps popping into my head:-P) feels like it's poor quality version being used, especially around the 0:13-0:16 second mark where it just grates. I'm pretty sure that can be fixed by using something else though. The Music Box also makes the song start out "Hesitant", as if it was being played by a kid not quite confident in actually playing. It did get better on that front by the time the piano came into play though. The song also goes really kind of soft volume wise at both the 0:28-0:30 and 2:27-2:29 mark. The piano works nice, though the song did feel a bit repetitive by the time I hit the two minute mark. Hope this helps you.
  3. It needs more cowbell. More seriously, most of the song felt too damn mellow and repetitive. Snooze-worthy even. Not a good thing. The notes at the 49-54 second mark (that repeated soon afterwards) were also way too soft. This song is just too damn... forgettable.
  4. Very true, and I love the suggestion of "Diamonds are a Yan's best friend". Quite amusing.
  5. The "Original" Fairy Battle can be found on youtube. HERE. Also, as was said previously, it is a song used for "Non-hostile" encounters the Main Characters sometimes have with strange critters that demand random items from the players in order to complete a side-quest. No matter the genre/style that is going to be used for the remix, those two things I mentioned is going to have impact, and should be taken into consideration for the remix's song name.
  6. Hmm, I think a play on the theme of "Fairy Tale" should be utilized for the name, though we should try to avoid using too many puns, as long fairy tales have a tendency to dragon... More seriously regarding name suggestions for "Fairy Battle", I think the name suggestions should keep in mind that the song is for "Non-hostile" creatures seeking random items instead of blood and death, so maybe something like "Supernatural Conflict Resolution", or "Wiffle Bat Wonderland", or "Greedy Critters Seek Gift Giving Main Character's" should be used.
  7. Thank you for your continued work on Seven Years. I'm sitting here chilling to what you've put up, and I quite like it. ^_^

  8. Ok, you've put a lot of work into this. The big thing that stood out to me was that the transition between "Troops March On" and "Coin Song" was not very smooth. I would advise using another song between the two to act as a more natural bridge between them.
  9. Ok, I gave this a listen. Didn't like whatsoever that I had to (even temporarily) disable my noscript in order to do that, but eh. Hmm, it's nicely done, but for some reason it just doesn't feel very memorable here to me. A bit too soft and repetitive I guess, though the fact that it's a short song covers most (but not all) of that issue. There's nothing that really make this song stand out to me, but there's nothing here that makes me hate or dislike it either.
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