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  1. First I love Plantman stage music and you did awesome! I'll admit though I never read the info about the music when I listen to it, its' kind of a surprise, plus I don't like reading lolz, so I'm listening to it and thinking 'Wow her Plantman version was epic, and I'm listening to it while playing WoW, all of a sudden I hear a piece of music injected into the remix. I'm like I've heard that theme before'. Then I realize its' Benny Hill. LOL This has to be the kewlest, yet most unique remix on here! Thanks for the smiles and lol!
  2. What I'm envisioning is a program that has a screen where i can click on a piano key, guitar string, etc it make the correct corresponding sounding note. When I finally arrange a series of what i deem to be successful notes then be able to save their pattern. Then while the original is saved play another batch of complimentary notes, add them on top of my original set, so that the two become one. Maybe add one more set to blend together idk, then with all those done sit back and listen to my special blend. If no such program exists I'll just resign myself to someone who can only listen
  3. I went to their site and I saw a pic of a guy with a guitar and working with the program. I do not have a guitar or any musical device what-so-ever, as I stated earlier I have no musical talent, BUT, would like to try some dabbling with some sort of program that can translate one of my many .midi or older .mp3 video game pieces into actual notes, then, allow me to create something that is an upgrade, both sound wise and fun to put together. I do love alot of the work on here, and even though I'm not a "musician" would like to putz around with the whole music thing. Sorry if I seem like a complete Baldric on this topic (why I posted it under newbie, whatever section ). I'm sure there has to be a music for dummies version of some sort of software out there somewhere lol.
  4. Thanks for the the names, so hard to find a program when I don't even know what type of program I'm looking for
  5. Hey I'm not very musically inclined, but I was wanting to try my hand with some sort of software that can interpret music into sheet music, and one i can put a piece together. I know you guys are awesome and can give me some good software. Thanks for the read and any info
  6. Great remix, I almost always love classic Mega Man remixes, this one to me has a kind of, oh idk, a dance club techno style to me. Since I don't know different music styles I might be wrong, but at any rate, this really is a great piece! keep up the good work!
  7. In particular "Body Eater" music which was the music that played when you reached the first boss. All those slimy slug things jumping out of the piles of gore in the background. Other good tracks would be for that game "Evil Cross and Nightmare" which is the fourth boss I believe. All the floating heads guarding a floating inverted cross. Well heck all of the music from Splatterhouse Turbografx version is awesome. If anyone needs the .mp3's for it I downloaded the soundtrack, or you can check them out on youtube.com. Thanks for reading my thread and I sure hope you talented ppl give this a try, there's really not that many re sequenced Splatterhouse tracks. -D
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