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  1. This is a 3 year old video relating to another event pertaining to corrupt media and social engineering. Check out that guy that's the worst representative of the crowd he was standing in. It doesn't even matter whether he was genuinely eccentric and off guard, or paid to make a deliberate act. It's obvious to some he's not a good representative of the motives of the rally, yet for others it is all that is necessary to see to form the opinion that the news network called into question is fair and balanced. Don't worry viewers, everything is just fine, we are indeed the good guys. Don't pay any mind of the brainwashed masses who say otherwise- instead, let's get outraged about the religious persecution suffered by American Christians. Thanks Obama. The above ideas of media narrative control is actually totally non sequitur and has nothing to do with the topic whatsoever, so I'll just move on to this little worksheet of which you should not be deriving any kind of parallels with the above situation where something is spun to be brazenly misrepresented: I'd like you to think about the words "feminism" and its overarching ideology, "egalitarianism." Compare that to "female supremacy." With this contrast in mind, match these behaviors to the listed idealogues by drawing lines on your screen with your favorite color of crayon! Advocates equal and fair treatment of all people Egalitarian When in possession of the ability of filtering discussion, censors all opposing opinion, information, and even neutral questioning and compromises to establish echo chambers as a cult-establishing power play of a extremist fringe group Matriarchalist Stereotypes and villifies men Redefines prejudice to exclude groups that qualify as a culturally ingrained norm as targets so that it impractically varies from culture to culture Donates and makes other efforts towards equalizing opportunities available for all; does not attempt to brute force equal representation in all fields Regularly makes public vicious statements of shaming and slander to instill the fear of peer retribution for ever publicly wavering in resolve in cult members, and encouraging culture influencing media producers to yield to their rhetoric in fear of smear campaigns, reminiscent of mafia blackmail Bonus essay question: How would a democracy be affected if the prominent exposure of a politically relevant philosophy that most participants are provided by "journalists" is a misleading, exaggeratedly repulsive misrepresentation?
  2. Thank you The routing seems more malleable, but I wouldn't be surprised if I overlooked some functionality in FL which diminishes the differences. It might be something trivial in the long run, but I'm somewhat meticulous.
  3. Hello, I've been a long time gamer and admirer of the remixes and remixers emerging from this community. I would consider myself an amateur when it comes to production but I'll divulge some details. I use FL Studio though I'm interested in incorporating or switching to Reaper in the future, and style-wise I gravitate towards dance, breakbeat and new age (ironically contrary to my nametag, haha.) As I fail to have any attainable ideas of my own at the moment, I suppose I'll be browsing through the requests board and making note of applicable tips in feedback to start with.
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