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  1. Coming from someone who's been on this site since Terra in Black was brand spankin' new (and Music of my Groin was relevant), this is probably the best I've ever heard. What this needs more than anything is Uematsu's reaction. Someone needs to pull whatever strings necessary to get him this album (Nightmare Oath and The Impresario in particular) - I can only imagine what he'd think about such care and heart put in to (remixing and arranging aren't even fitting words) such frankly historical music
  2. Here's a quick example of its music - the descriptions in the videos have links to download the MP3s, and its USF files (miniusf, if that makes a difference) are up on this page at Zophar. Prophetic (title screen) - Phony - Azure Lux - I've been hanging around this site ever since Terra in Black was brand new (remember, back when the actual comic made of 3D prims existed?), and after playing some old games, I'm pretty shocked to find that this game doesn't have anything done yet. For someone too lazy/unable to click on the Youtube links, the music is by Neil Voss and is a wide ra
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