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  1. Thanks,Dan. For the guitar tone, I am using my Fender Frontman 212r (the only amp I have =/), which isn't a very metal or gainy amp, so I run it through a digitech rp1000 effects box where I have a noise gate, compression, tube screamer, and some EQ. And that goes direct in to my computer. Oh and the guitar is a Schecter Hellraiser c7. (which has emg pickups)
  2. I loved it. Now I'm listening to your other youtube videos. I notice that these are all from over a year ago. Are you doing anything music related recently?
  3. Wow, thanks! I'm glad that some FF9 fans enjoyed this. I was a bit worried that since I didn't even play the game I may have butchered some of the songs haha. Basically, I made this to study how Uematsu writes his songs in order to help me with my own writing. I see that transitions and orchestration are some of my weak points, and now I know what to focus on improving, so thanks for those comments.
  4. Hey guys, this is my first post on the ocr forums, though I've been coming to this site since probably 8 years ago . Anyways, I arranged and recorded a metal cover of some songs from Final Fantasy 9. I don't think this counts as a remix, so I'm not submitting it, but enjoy! Feedback is welcome! Youtube Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/bahamutod/images-of-a-fantasy
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