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  1. Don't get me wrong... I love the Vagrant Story battle system... because I love the Parasite Eve battle system... it's just that some things in that game have SOOOO much HP compared to how little you can do that sometimes it gets very tedious to battle numerous enemies at once... especially when some can kill you in a single blow.
  2. 1) That f*cker Red Falcon or whatever his name is... the last boss in Contra... WITHOUT the 30 lives cheat 2) 25 Metal Gear RAYs on Extreme 3) Ragu O Ragla from Wild Arms 1 and 3 4) Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 5) Kiyora in Robotech: Battlecry on HARD 6) The final hidden boss atop the Chrysler Building in Parasite Eve 7) Chryosphinx in Chrono Cross Any frelling boss in Vagrant Story just because of how sheerly annoying it is to fight anything in that game. 9) More Mega Man bosses than I can count... 10) Myself... in the sense that no matter how hard a boss is... the bigger battle is fighting myself to not stop and be persistant til i kick that bosses sorry ass!