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  1. I'm guessing you guys are talking about the 2nd boss fight music (2 bosses per world, one at world *-4 and one at *-8 ). For ease of reference, I'll call them Boss1 and Boss2. Boss1 music is catchy and lighthearted, and hard not to tap one's foot to. I can't imagine a way to remix it. Boss2 music is upbeat and frantic, and provides an excellent sense of tension and immersion. I always imagine it starting with the prelude music with Kamek, threatening Yoshi with a new super-sized monster; this tune would be a tease, lighthearded and harmless, making for a high-contrast transition with the boss fight music proper. This portion I always imagined being a heavy metal track, similar to Dead Batteries/Live at the Sandopolis, the synth/keyboard track being replaced with electric guitar.
  2. Old thread is old; youtube account that had that video has been terminated :C This final boss music is incredibly monumentous, and it would be refreshing to get a mix of it.
  3. I'm mulling those tunes over in my head, and they *do* sound really similar. I just went and played through that game again for the nostalgia bomb. It has aged extremely well.
  4. This album has a ton of amazing numbers. I literally fall apart during Walk on Water, iMushroom, Dead Batteries, and especially Live at the Sandopolis. The last one struck me stupid, because the tone I got from Sandopolis Zone in-game was very yellow, and very calming (I didn't like that zone). But this heavy metal take on it; such a great mix of abrupt, percussive guitar chords. I couldn't help but go and O_O one after the other.
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