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  1. I made this few days ago. It needs a lot of work to have something interesting though http://www.mediafire.com/listen/028hg2e9vbhvd8d/vgmRemix_Axiom+Verge+-+Inexorable.mp3
  2. Hi, I didn't talk about this remix in the submission mail because my english is pretty bad, so I skipped every optional parts . Now that the submission was accepted, I guess I have to write few words about It. I know people expect more than just a 'cover' when they're looking for a remix, but it was so obvious to me, I had to make it that way. I already had the whole idea in my head even before I took my guitar. Like most of my video games remixes, the idea is real guitars/bass played by myself and a virtual drum with patterns I make. Like a basic rock band. Sometimes, I add other thin
  3. Hey guys, What do you think of my Zelda medley ? https://soundcloud.com/huile_smith/zelda_medley I covered themes from A link to the past, Ocarina of time and Majora's mask in stoner/doom style. Hope you like heavy guitars and dirty bass
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by 'performed live', but i played all the guitars and the bass. So yes, those are real guitars I don't know about the submission... I'm sure it could be better, but can I make it better? I'm not sure. Anyway, thanks for the support.
  5. Thanks Really? I just checked the versions on OCRemix before posting, but i guess there's a lot of similar rock cover already made... For the main drums, that's EZ Drummer, for the intro and outro, some samples i hade with Live or found on the internet. Thanks for your comment
  6. Hi everyone. Here is my rock arrangement of the Metroid title screen: http://soundcloud.com/huile_smith/metroid-title-screen-rock-remix , then i recently heard about OCRemix. So I decided to improve it and share it with the OCRemix community.So let me know what you think about it! (ps: sorry for my english, I do my best )
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