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    Kristoffer McElhaney began his music career on viola in the 5th grade at the age of 11 with the local Kerrville Orchestra program. In the years that have followed, Mr. McElhaney has pursued all aspects of his musical career. In the 6th grade, he joined the Hill Country Youth Orchestra and has continued to be a member for the last 7 years. He joined the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio in 2010, participating in their 2012 tour of England. More recently, Mr. McElhaney holds a chair in the Symphony of the Hills, a local orchestra, and participates in their selective chamber orchestra. On an audition basis, he has participated in the TMEA All-Region Orchestra for the last 7 years. During the summers, he has attended Schreiner University's Summer Music Camp twice, Baylor University's Orchestra Camp 3 times, and the Eastern Music Festival twice in Greensboro, North Carolina. Mr. McElhaney has spent hundred of numerous hours on his own, in a quartet, or representing an orchestra in nonprofit gigs at nursing homes and hospitals. His own chamber group, the Animato Quartet, is locally known for its volunteer performances as well as the work it does for weddings. Mr. McElhaney has professed a strong interest in chamber music. He has studied under Allison Dawkins, Principal Violist of San Antonio Symphony, Long Zhou - Former principle violinist of the San Antonio Symphony, and currently studies with Dr. Daniel Kolbialka. Kristoffer is also studying under Kevin McCormack for classical guitar performance. He has been playing guitar for 8 years and is quite adept in classical as well as jazz, blues, and rock.

    Kris started his audio career 4 years ago (from 2012) at the First Christian Church in Kerrville, Texas. He has ran live sound since then for their 8-piece worship band and has ran over 20 different live band performances around the local area gaining popularity. He also interns in a recording studio during his free time recording demos and other tracks and currently does all
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    Kristoffer McElhaney
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    Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar, Viola, Violin
  1. Here is a demo of a remix and master I did from the remix stems of Infected Mushroom - Montoya...


    Tell me what you think of this and if this is the kind of mastering style and feel you want for the OoT remix project... Thanks and sorry to bug you. :)

  2. Excellent! I just wanted to grab the spot as soon as possible. :) If you want another demo, I can do a few in a couple different styles and you can choose how you want this project to sound mastering wise.

    Get back to me as soon as you want to get everything together!

    Also, after "stalking" OCRemix for a long time, I finally joined and want to start my contribution to it and really want to take advantage of my skills. I have 3 years of studio experience in mastering and I think I could take this album to an entirely new level.

    I will definitely be awaiting a response.


  3. Thanks man, mastering is certainly quite a ways off but we don't have anyone on staff to handle it per se. I will check your work out soon!

  4. Alright! Well, if you have any other projects, I am totally down to contribute!

  5. Thanks for the offer but I'll probably be doing it myself, as I'm already very familiar with the material.

  6. Just wondering if you have a mastering engineer for your FFIX project. If not, I would gladly take up the job, even though it looks like you've got most of the tracks already.

    Here's a demo of what I can do if you want to hear...


    Also, I'm open to all idea and such, so if the track doesn't please you, I can do another.



  7. I'd like to take the mastering spot if possible. Here's a demo of what I can do. http://www.mediafire.com/?h32o1z0x7poxukq If you want specific info on what I like to do in my mastering process etc. just ask. If you want me to do the mastering and want the track to sound different etc. than my demo, I'm open to all options and would gladly work with you. Thanks! -Dudebob
  8. Theophany, Just putting it out there that I messaged you on your profile page. I am wondering if you have a spot open for mastering in this project. Here's a sample: http://www.mediafire.com/?3ebayz73n89bv8k I just put together a MIDI track and mastered it as a demo. I can always master it differently though. If you want me to make you a demo of a track that you want to hear mastered I can do that too. I look forward to a reply. Thanks!!! -Dudebob
  9. Hey, I would like to see if you had an opening for a mastering engineer on the Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time project. Here's a sample: http://www.mediafire.com/?3ebayz73n89bv8k I just put together a MIDI track and mastered it.

    I can always master it differently though. If you want me to make you a demo of a track that you want to hear mastered I can do that too.



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