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  1. i'm going to be honest here... the beginning totally threw me off. i didn't like it. the organ seemed forced, the drums seem like they should be in the back ground and the synth should be in the fore. but at 145...jeez. those strings are amazing. i really wish that texx focused mor ont he strings than anything else. this would be a great song for him to remix in a classical feel. the string plucks and the violin make for a great feeling. it hits you and makes you stop and say "wow - this is different." then the organ comes back and makes you think "aw man - whered my strings go??" what was said before was partly true - it does sound like muzak. but parts of it are simply beautiful. focus more on those strings, and less on the organs and synth drums. this sounds like it could be a great lullabye with a bit of work.
  2. i agree with above - the live stuff ont his site as always been above par. i'm especially glad that mr. litrio has deemed us worthy of another sample of skill. his Zelda peice is on of my favorites on the site.
  3. i have a soft spot for bouncy bass lines. just stuff that i can nod my head to while driving in my car, until it breaks down i mean. plus the cool guitar riffs near the end. i enjoyed it.
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