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  1. Yeah, I know, cliche. It's for a scoring and arranging class and I wanted to do something cool yet failsafe unlike my peers who are all doing dinky arrangements of christmas tunes. Sigh.... So, here it is. I had a 2 minute time cap. I've quickly excelled to the top of my class and it has been hard to get criticism from any of my professors. Where better place to get criticism then on an internet forum? Isn't that what they're made for? Here's a MIDI rendition. Here is the finale file. Here is a PDF Please let me know what you think!
  2. Ah yes, another newbie introduction thread. It seems I'm always at this level in one regard or another... I'm Mecham. I'm 21, a senior in music composition with a minor in philosophy, I play the trombone and piano. I write for anything in any style. I currently intend on going into law school, but I would love to write music for any project on the side. I profess more in writing music more than remixing. I don't really have any DAW chops (yet, I am buying myself Logic Pro for Christmas... unless I get advice otherwise.) I am, however, very proficient in Finale (I work as the piano lab techie at my university), and also I love tracker music: I write a lot of stuff in MilkyTracker and Renoise. Here's my Soundcloud; it hosts most of my electronic compositions. If you are interested in any of my more traditional works, for trombone, voice, piano, jazz band, etc, I'd be happy to send you PDF's or Finale files. PM me, whatevs. You'll see me in the competitions.