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  1. I did not want to drift offtopic, but to finish: If a bluray in 2015 will have 1TB space and lets say will cost 50$ plus another 50$ for a second one as a security backup + the drive for 150$, you will have to spend 250$ to save all your music on discs - nowadays 2TB HDDs cost around 90$ - image the price in 2015 - you could already fit your complete music collection on a single hdd even if it were 2 times the size of what it is now. I'd rather convert flacs into aac for mobile devices than have mp3 only.... That said it comes down to personal taste and it was not my intent to start a big discussion. All im saying is: It would simply be awesome to have a flac download option for every ocremix.That way everyone could choose between flac and mp3 for his/her -self. More options are always better right ?!
  2. Hi guys! Just registered to post this - huge fan... Im really looking forward to a version with lossless quality. Doesn't have to be .wav . I would even prefer .flac files because of the tags and their size. Lets face it: In a couple of years when every smartphone will have 500GB or more space mp3 will be a thing of the past. I know most people don't seem to hear the difference between mp3 and cds, probably because of in-ear headphones, but for a multimedia enthusiast with a good speaker system the difference is imense. Fujifilm just anounced that by 2015 they will have blurays with several TBs capacity. File size for music won't matter anymore (if the music keeps getting released in stereo instead of multichannel, which sadly is much more likely). Please consider encoding .flac instead of vbr or 192kbits mp3. Some Albums on your site already feature a .flac download.... Please also consider to make availabity of .flac versions mandatory for future releases...