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  1. links are dead, can anybody reupload?
  2. thanks, i wouldnt know about its existance otherwise
  3. hey, thanks for picking it up, i almost lost all hope of it being made. i am eager to hear the result.
  4. I've been looking for a place to talk about VGM music for so long, glad to see you guys remembering this great game. While thinking about abandoned and forgotten themes, i instantly remembered another great game - Dune 2 on sega genesis. It was one of the first RTS games ever made. Music for this game was composed by Frank Klepacki, its like a seal of approval by default. Just listen to it: , ,
  5. First of all, I just recently found about about ocremix and already listened to 1500 songs, you guys are great. Very much appreciate all the work you all are doing. You are awesome. 1)I played Tyrian for the first time about 15 years ago when i was a kid, and this track stuck into my head completely. The tune is catchy and kinda dramatic, but fairly short. Anyway, , its better to listen in original quality.If anybody is interested, the entire soundtrack is located Length of the game score is over an hour and i think its a great source of new inspirations and stuff. 2)Dune 2 - The bat
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