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  1. I started to gain a following because of my Dark Souls remixes. It wasn't just because people liked the music from the games and therefore were specifically only interested because I remixed the music, it's because the games developed a community which shared a love for the game in all its aspects. And that community was very grateful that I wanted to keep remixing the music in ways that weren't just musically appealing but also made them engage with the love of the games. Did I ever get as much attention from that same audience for my other remixes and original music? For the most part no, bu
  2. I'm at a point where I don't see myself remixing much in the future. It would probably only happen if I enjoyed a song in a new game so much that I felt compelled to do something with it, or perhaps if I came across an older game song where I thought I could do something creative enough with it to excite me. For now I intend to focus on my original material and perhaps take a step back from music for a break and some perspective. I still have a mentality that remixing is something cool. When I first found this site I thought "wow I never thought about this before, I wish I could do this s
  3. I bought the soundtrack. A lot of nice music on here! The game looks cool too, congrats on the release, hope it does well!
  4. If there was one more Castlevania game...the safe bet for me would be another game like Order of Ecclesia but Bloodstained could be that craving. I would love to see a 3D Castlevania done right, that is at its most faithful. I enjoyed Lament of Innocence when it came out but its level design was just bad, may as well have been procedurally generated. I tried Curse of Darkness about a year ago and I thought it was alright but the level design was killing it for me again, didn't even finish it. I always stick up for Lords of Shadow 1 as being a really good game with great music, it just isn't Ca
  5. This is terrific, I love the groove and the emotion from the cello and vocal together. 2:04 onwards just feels really great, with little things that keep it interesting like at 2:26 with that almost delayed effect to the cello there. This could've easily gone on for as long as 6 minutes for me.
  6. Hey, I just released my newest album today. Something I've been working really hard on over the past month besides a couple of tracks. Almost 4 years ago I released my first proper album called 'Strings of Time' and it was this mixture of orchestra, acoustic and electronic instruments and was quite chilled out, quite emotive. This is somewhat of a sequel album and I'm really proud of it, I feel like it's some of my best production to date and a really unique album as well. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you enjoy it. It is £4 over on Bandcamp: https://alexroe.bandcamp.com/album/tides-o
  7. If it interests you, I highly suggest watching DARK SOULS: The Movie by SunlightMaggot (who sadly stopped creating content). He did a fantastic job of recording the game and role playing as certain characters to re-enact their stories, as well as the Chosen Undead's journey to link the fire: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL65k1Kyrgf2O2Zb-GZ7KzT-4ov-IEuBEx Also this music video by ThePruld is a pretty great watch too, he's a cool guy:
  8. One of my favourite things about Dark Souls is its story. Comparing it to a painting is an interesting analogy because you can come up with your own interpretations and everyone can question it a bit differently. This is what Miyazaki wants from players because he had to do the same thing when reading Western books when he was younger with limited understanding of the English language -- which led him to do the very same thing. What is more important about Dark Souls is purpose, nearly everything in that world has a reason and a why. If someone was to say they didn't like how Dark Souls portra
  9. It's quite alright it didn't come across as harsh at all. I'm fairly used to the tough love around here anyway. Honestly I do like to get pointers and tips from experienced composers that specialize in digital orchestra because I really don't personally know any. And yeah it is definitely a challenge working with a low spec computer haha. I'm so used to it, I don't even know what I'd do with a top of the range one. But I really feel what I am creating now is far more improved, perhaps if you felt like checking it out Neifion maybe you could check out my youtube in my sig? Larry, I didn't kno
  10. Thank you for your feedback. This was literally the first time I had used these samples and was made just over a year ago. I wish it didn't take so long for remixes to be evaluated and posted but that's the predicament. I am far more experienced in how to control these samples now. I know some of my future submissions have issues because of the lack of experience with these samples but there's nothing I can do about that unless they're rejected. My computer is still not powerful enough to use these the way I would like so I know in this song I used just the split sustain patches (at the time
  11. You can always go help other people with their bosses. It's a win win since you get more experience at fighting the boss and you get blood echoes (as long as you win) and then you can just level up from those. Leveling up your weapon is a must just in case that was not obvious. If you haven't tried it you might want to fight more without using lock on, in some cases it gives you much more maneuverability and you can position yourself better. And dodging just before the moment the enemies attack touches you will make you invincible to it which is insanely valuable, hitboxes in this game are a l
  12. Now that I've spent quite a bit of time with the game and the hype has settled I feel like I can talk more openly about it. When I finished Dark Souls 2 I was so enveloped by it I just couldn't see why is wasn't a great sequel for a while, it's still a great game but it didn't leave any of the impressions Dark Souls did. Bloodborne thankfully has left a strong impression but not in ways I expected (I'm not gonna talk about PvP or multiplayer because it's not a big thing for me). It's a terrific action twist on the Souls combat and it never gets dull or feels like a burn, it's constantly satis
  13. I'm pretty biased in that I think DmC is a terrible Devil May Cry sequel but an above average game in its own right. I barely remember any of the levels in it besides some of the warping that happens. Action games should have some well thought out locations or great set pieces...the only place I really remember is the night club and even that was pretty straight forward. Usually action games are saved by the combat and the boss fights but those weren't great either, the colour coded enemies were more frustrating than adding another gameplay element and the boss fights were complete pushovers.
  14. It baffles me when anyone says this. DmC's level design is pretty standard and boring, it's just overly dressed up with gimmicks.
  15. I rather like remixes/arrangements that feel like extensions of a game or its soundtrack, as if they belonged to it or are catering to what people liked about it. Those to me are ones that stick. I have heard some that feel too different or have too many original parts, sometimes those naturally make me disconnect no matter how much I appreciate the work and creativity gone into it because I've come in expecting to hear the soundtrack I've enjoyed and come out not getting that so much. At the end of the day you make up your own mind about what you enjoy. One of my absolute favourites is Aquam
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