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  1. Hey SanctusAudio,

    I love your battle music. Would you be interested in letting me use it as part of my University Research Project? I am doing a doctorate in music composition and part of my graduation requirements is to write a research project on the topic of my choice. I am investigating music written by gamers. For the project, all I do is transcribe (Make sheet music) from the audio and analyze / discuss it. So it is used purely for academic purposes.

    Let me know what you think, and keep writing great music!


  2. Hey guys, I thought I would share with you my submission for a contest on Tigsource.com. The Theme is "Final Boss". Hope you enjoy! Would love to hear feedback! https://soundcloud.com/jacob-kauble/nemesis-tigsource-com-contest
  3. Hey guys! I am currently trying to develop into a viable video game composer. I currently have one non-paid video game under my belt. I am looking for tips and education anywhere I can get it so I thought I would post some of my originals to get some feed back. Feel free to offer advice and criticism. If you would like to add me on sound cloud, that would be fine also. Thanks! Jacob Kauble https://soundcloud.com/jacob-kauble/the-broken-blade https://soundcloud.com/jacob-kauble/sets/full-moon-rising https://soundcloud.com/jacob-kauble/lion-of-judah
  4. Thanks man. Yeah "Flesh war" was made when I knew very very little about mixing and mastering. I am still a padawan in that area but Im trying to soak in as much as I can. Most of it has been by trial and error.
  5. Hey guys nice to meet you. I am new to this website. I have been searching for some video game projects for a while now and figured I would post some of my Scores to get you're feedback. I hope you enjoy them! https://soundcloud.com/jacob-kauble/desert-chase https://soundcloud.com/jacob-kauble/veritas https://soundcloud.com/jacob-kauble/rise-and-fall
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