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  1. Aww, still dead. Here is my attempt at Secret of Evermore sounds. I always enjoyed the ambient aspect of the score so I tried to explore that in this arrangement.
  2. Here is an ambient track in the style of Secret of Evermore. https://soundcloud.com/paul-levasseur-2/secret-of-evermore-dusty-plains
  3. and BATTLE!! Man, this thread is a little dead here! Let's hear some stuff, folks!
  4. Here's an interesting work worth looking at. I wrote this several years ago while I was in my undergrad and it is one of the few works from then that I am still happy with. It is called 'anorexic' and it is a setting of a poem by the same name, penned by Eavan Boland. https://soundcloud.com/paul-levasseur-2/anorexic
  5. Ok, since another week has mostly passed, here is the latest upload. I arranged & orchestrated a beginner violin piece I had composed for Chrono Trigger sounds. The original title of the work has been preserved but it's just a bit more lush now in terms of colours. It is very simple, as it was originally written for beginners, but I think it works nonetheless. [edit] Don't worry, I'm planning to write something less 'laid back' soon! https://soundcloud.com/paul-levasseur-2/wildflowers-chrono-trigger-sounds-1
  6. Here's an original using FFVI sounds. I got a bit carried away
  7. Jungle Beats. Multi Percussion. Metal, Wood, Djembe, Cajon. This is a non pitched multi-percussion work that uses rhythm to create a narrative. The point is to have the same sort of sophisticated forms that are often found with pitch based material. With all my concert music, Please feel free to PM me for scores. https://soundcloud.com/paul-levasseur-2/jungle-beats-jan-28th-recital
  8. So, I decided to try and create the ubiquitous, generic town theme using FFVI sounds. While writing the track I tried to treat the different instruments more so as they would behave as a live ensemble. So, the guitar writing sounds more as a guitar would play and the wind instruments have more 'wind instrument' like gestures. The track uses 5 channels, Flute, Ocarina, Guitar, Strings, & Upright Bass. In terms of form, after composing once through the melody I could have looped but generally, VGM tracks will have some sort of variation on the orchestration to create more musical interest with minimal additional investment from the composer. I attempted to do this but then my 'classically trained' ear took over and I ended up exploring some modulations that become a bit more novel later on. Also, another large difference between this work and an average VGM track is that a lot of the dual wind harmonies do not move strictly in parallel but there is some attention given to the independence of the line. I think, overall, the track is musically interesting but perhaps is more 'forward' than what would typically appear in a game. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on the context. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy. Seaside Town - (Composed with FFVI sounds) https://soundcloud.com/paul-levasseur-2/seaside-town-ff-vi-sounds
  9. Ok, we should chat. I also have questions about some weird artifacts in the soundfonts, namely pops and clicks or weird artifacts in the looped portion of samples.
  10. Ok, so THIS is why all the Super Metroid soundfonts were out of tune as well! It was making me want to pull my hair out! Since my training is specifically in concert music, I am dealing with a bit of a learning curve on the production end. It would be great if we could put our heads together and try and figure this out so that the finished product will have more polish. UGGH, ESPECIALLY with the Super Metroid example =-/
  11. Ok, it's finally working. This track definitely builds really well. As a general observation for your orchestration, you approach the craft like a midi orchestrator would. What I mean is that you build the track up around a repetitive note pattern (ostinato) and you create the momentum by adding layers of activity on top of that. Your instrumentation doesn't really behave the way a live orchestra would so this raises the question: Do you wish to get better at midi orchestration to create epic tracks, or are you more interested in emulating the sound of a live orchestra in your writing?
  12. I really like your production on your tracks. I think it's just glittering with professionalism, something which is absolutely necessary to be successful these days. I'd like to have a conversation about that specifically but my questions should be handled in a more private setting. I particularly enjoyed the ethnic chinese style track, as I felt that one was the most effective musically. RE electic guitar, you should make friends with a very good guitar player. As a player, for me, the synth guitar just was not convincing. Sure, midi guitar is what it is, but when the line doesn't really move in the way a guitar would play it, it's a bit jarring.
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