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  1. I hear many genres but I don't always know how to classify them. If you'll add a section of genre for each song it will be very helpful. P.S I prefer sub genres such as the kind of the metal/trance/blues. Thank you. I hope you'll consider this option.
  2. try this one http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=SQEX-10365 it's an official remix album for The World Ends With you soundtrack
  3. Croc is such a beloved game with a very inspiring soundtrack which in my opinion was overlooked. So here I ask you to try taking one or more of it's tracks and remix it. Thank you and good luck
  4. I know there is a function which let you hear internet radios in game. But, I can't import the best radio station ever "OCRemix radio" is there a way to chane m3u files into asx files maybe?
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