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  1. MusicHunter

    Thundercade remix pls!

    Ok finally found a game that ive been looking for 15 years plus and it needs a remix if its possible i would like this one if possible i think its the stage theme
  2. MusicHunter

    Request remix: Axiom verge

    So heres something the site lacks MAJORLY. axiom verge needs someone to remix that soundtrack i would love to suggest one otherworld is a good one to start but maybe someone could do some of the others too
  3. MusicHunter

    Hybrid Heaven: Battle/Boss Theme (Fight!/Fight Hard!)

    please make this happen i'd be in heaven if someone did a remix of this track!
  4. MusicHunter

    OCR03694 - Undertale "The Spectral Mire"

    Damn i like this dark song! it really hits the spot right now.if you did a hopes a dreams song of this that would be killer!
  5. This song is very 90's sounding and thats in a good love it and kinda felt like listening to something from that era so this hits that spot really nicely!
  6. Hey since i saw a virda request remix i think a cort battle theme remix would be pretty cool too!
  7. MusicHunter

    OCR03643 - Earthworm Jim "Launch the Cow!"

    This mix brings back memories. and you know ITS great and wonderful i love everything bout this song and im gonna show this to tommy when i see him at videogameslive next year when they come to my town.
  8. MusicHunter

    Snow board kids remix found

    So ive been listening to this remix of a song found by these guys and i think this site lacks the songs of snow board kids really really badly!
  9. PLEASE make this downloadable i want it so bad its awesome lyrics and awesome music!
  10. MusicHunter

    Phantom Crash

    oh this i can AGREE with phantom crash i was addicted to as well!
  11. please remix this track a game like this needs some remixes espically this one!
  12. MusicHunter

    OCR03492 - Super Mario RPG "Oyster Me Timbers"

    such a great song it kinda reminds me alittle big of the dk64 theme for the water wold stage cant remember it and maybe abit banjo kazooie but in a GOOD way
  13. Theres a really calming effect bout this song and its in a VERY good away i love the chimes and it kinda feels like it wants to make you zen but either way i love this song new favorite go!
  14. This game is just so gooood and im enjoying the music but i think someone should try their hand at remixing the boss theme of persona 5 so please make it happen!
  15. I dig this funky tune. and i i could just get groovin to it all night long. love the flute and everything bout it!