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  1. This needs a remix shouldnt be too hard!
  2. tbh i would rather want a jet force gemini remix ablum actually would great or some more remixes too
  3. Sooooo sam dillard has released a NEW album called block buster hits and BOY does he do a good job on all the songs my favorite is the first personally though NO ONE has ever remixed havoc district and its just divinely beautiful its like an orchestra of exploviness and hits all those sexy notes https://samostudios.bandcamp.com/album/blockbuster-game-tunes-volume-1
  4. We still need a spyro year of the dragon remix from buzz's dungeon and many others too would be loved!
  5. heres a great remix that needs to happen the game is blast corps any of the songs but my personal fave is a song title havoc district. if someone would do a few tracks from the game or just this one that would be great!
  6. Sooo this song ive been listening to forever needs a remix as great as it sounds can someone do it PLEASE?
  7. This music makes me wanna dance and be all happy. i love it, added to my wake up music list for sure!
  8. so i would love it if the site had some digital devil saga remixes espically of the battle theme from digital devil saga 2 as that is pretty darn good.
  9. FINALLY! a remix of this cherished song of me ive been freaking WAITNG for someone to do this and by god you have hit the coffin in the nail and NAILED this song down to a tea i love it and i'll be listening to it CONSANTLY if not hourly! i even requested this song and by god my prays are FINALLY answered!
  10. hey just curious were you serious bout the remix of thudercade?

    1. Mak Eightman

      Mak Eightman

      Hi. Sure, dunno when but I'll do it


  11. Damn what can i say bout this track the start just builds up to the epic over all tone and it just makes me wanna listen to the whole thing day in and out and when i saw this was by sam dillard i was FLOORED he has created just a master piece AGAIN and i will definately forever back him and all his projects he will ever make!
  12. Ok finally found a game that ive been looking for 15 years plus and it needs a remix if its possible i would like this one if possible i think its the stage theme
  13. So heres something the site lacks MAJORLY. axiom verge needs someone to remix that soundtrack i would love to suggest one otherworld is a good one to start but maybe someone could do some of the others too
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