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  1. Thanks for the welcome I will be putting more posts up in the new year as I am ill for the moment and work is getting in the way of me being productive. Also cheers for the information DarkeSword I'll keep that in mind!
  2. Hi guys I'm James, but I also go by iAcorn (InsaneAcorn) on my youtube channel, where I post gameplays/commentaries/whatever I like (even got some airsoft footage from my headcam up there). Been a long time downloader on OCRemix and I thought it was time to put back into it. So I made an account and submitted something. Although I usually go by my full name when I release music, anything submitted here will be under the internet alias. It seems to be a requirement? About me: Music Tech graduate, massive gamer and trying to make it in the Sound Design field of game development. Its pretty darn hard to crack in to! Anyways I look forward to diving more into the community
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