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  1. I'm here about "The Archaeologist's Journal". I'm an eccentric but hard-working remixer/composer of Electronic music (I use a mixture of Musescore and FL Studio). I know I've been asking a lot to join projects but this one also seems cool. Here are some examples of my style.

    First is a remix of "King Ghidorah" (Godzilla NES) I did for a recent contest.

    Second is an original theme I wrote for Axel (Kingdom Hearts) based on his character (I wrote everything myself).

    Finally here is a remix of "Elm Street" (Nightmare on Elm Street NES) I did in honor of both Ansem (KH) and Freddy Krueger . 

    I know this probably isn't what you want but I could get suggestions and modify my music accordingly. I also admit I'm not good at mixing/production (I have to do that myself) and might need some advice on that. Please consider me an option and possibly judge my music.

    I also choose Tomb Raider 2's "Venice Level" as my theme and I'll probably add to it plenty.


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