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  1. Thanks for the good advice, I'll keep it in mind. If anyone has any more, I'd like to hear it.
  2. Hi, I'm writing an antihero theme and/or remix and would like some tips. I guess putting a heroic theme in a minor key could help. How else can I evoke an antihero like Shadow the Hedgehog, Venom, or Kratos (God of War). Here's a few examples of antihero themes. As you can see, antiheroes come in many flavors. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. I think this remix is gorgeous and the collabs just make it better. It's very expressive and makes good use of the source. Good work.
  4. I thought it was a very pretty composition. I would like to see it orchestrated but it's fine as a piano piece.
  5. I have a little question, does Fierce Diety Link (Majora's Mask) count? I know he's a transformation of Link (the hero) but I think I could make a badass theme for him.
  6. I could see this working. It needs an epic boss remix for ... Bob the Killer Goldfish, lol.
  7. Thebitterroost is right, there's tons of NES games without remixes here. I'm still waiting for more Battletoads (either the NES game or the arcade game) remixes (those 2's soundtracks have great dance grooves throughout). Milon's Secret Castle might have been on the AVGN show (that might explain the lack of remixes) but sometimes bad or mediocre games can have great soundtracks, right?
  8. People know I really love Kingdom Hearts and its music. I think you did justice to the famous intro theme. Also like how atmospheric this sounds but it doesn't leave the main melody (which is quite simple at its core).
  9. I played an extremely obscure game called 'The King of Dragons' last week and want that to be my arcade choice. Second NES choice is 'Ninja Gaiden'. I'll try to think of more later. Sorry for the late response.
  10. I'm thinking about doing a remix of "Riku Theme" (KH2) but I'm not sure which place to submit the demo when it's done (got any suggestions). I'm doing it in my own style mixed with Dark Psytrance. Anyway the first demo won't be submitted until at least a few weeks later. If you accept me for this , then I will do my best to make my mix truly badass and original. Good luck to everyone and I hope this album turns out as great as the last 2.
  11. Would "Riku Theme" (Kingdom Hearts 2) be okay. He's either an antihero or a hero with dark powers depending on the game and/or who you ask. He's certainly a Badass and one of the protagonist's biggest allies and friends. I've always been fond of the character. I feel his theme is real dramatic and would be perfect for an album like this. I'd probably do it in my version of a Dark Psytrance style with maybe some slight dubstep influences. I won't have a demo ready for a while though ...
  12. I really enjoyed the Sly Cooper series as a kid. It's very funny and creative with some solid gameplay. Other than that, Pokemon (minus the Mystery Dungeon spinoffs) and Kirby are obvious choices. I remember loving Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 as a kid (it's still my favorite game series).
  13. I've decided to make a Devil Survivor (I've been playing a lot of that game lately) remix but I need help crafting a decent lead. Could anyone help/collaborate with me? If these 2 tracks sound good to you, P.M. me at Ocremix forums. I'd prefer the lead to be in C major and at a tempo of 120 so I can mix it better. I usually make my tracks 2 minutes long so yeah. The lead can be in any style you want. Either loop or midi will be passed. The idea is a Belberith (more or less the main villain of the game) battle theme. I personally write trance but some influences from other styles are fine. What do you guys think?
  14. I'd like a link to the Discord server? For the record I chose "Tonight" (FFIX) as my piece (it's the only one that I could find a MIDI for). I think I can add some interesting accompaniment to the simple loop and go with my signature Trance style. Does it still have to be over 2 minutes? I mean the piece itself is only 15 seconds. TSori, would you mind helping me with my "Sherbet Island" (Mario Kart 64) remix?
  15. I might not be much of a team player and I'm definitely eccentric. However I like Final Fantasy and agree that Nobuo Uematsu is one of gaming greatest composers (up there with Zelda's Koji Kondo and Yoko Shimomura in my opinion. I'd love to collaborate with someone and wouldn't mind taking a track (could you suggest me one) either. Here's a couple of my tracks. Remix of "Carol of the Bells" Original of mine.
  16. Happy New Year, guys. I'm personally having trouble with my source for TurboDrift album, "Sherbet Land/Frappe Snowland" (Mario Kart 64). My problem is that the source is ultimately too upbeat and repetitive even for me. I'm wanting to do a Psytrance arrangement that's a bit of a dark reprise of the piece. Could anyone help me write a lead for this remix I'm working on. My only real requirements are that you keep the inspirations I P.M. you in mind, put it in C Major (to help me harmonize it), and at a tempo of 120 (so I can work with it better). It can be MIDI or a loop. My pieces are usually only 60 measures long so that might be a tip too. I'll give you credit if you help me and it will be a collaboration of sorts. I can make it worth your while so does anyone want to help me. Here's the source. Sorry if I sound a little demanding, I have a few mental issues (including Asperger's and severe anxiety) and haven't collaborated before.
  17. I still want to do Battletoads (both the arcade version and NES version) as my choice for the wheel. Maybe Eternal Champion (Sega Genesis) and Frogger 2 (PS1) if allowed. Thanks for allowing me and I hope this becomes a regular compos.
  18. I submitted my entry and was surprised that I was the only one except TheVIdeoGamer. TheVideoGamer did a great job with his bonus entry and if it counted, I would've voted for it.
  19. People know that I absolutely love Kingdom Hearts as a series. This is an awesome remix and really is an epic DnB piece. I'm surprised how well the style goes with "The Other Promise". I'm going to go out on a limb and say the other 13 game is Final Fantasy 13 or one of its 2 sequels. Hope it gets submitted by the time KH3 comes out.
  20. I like the groove you've got here. Definitely sensing some cool textures. Overall this is a bit of an underdog but good job.
  21. I think this is a cool idea. I'm probably going to do a remix of "Stage 2C" (that's what the midi said but I think it's "Sentinel Complex"). Is Battletoads an option for a pick (classic game but not many remixes on this site).
  22. I use FL Studio for remixing purposes. Thanks for the tips. I'll try adding phrygian flavor and using some chromatic mediants where it fits along with accidentals. Would you guys like to see the final result?
  23. Thanks for the tips. I'm still curious about how to apply this to a piece but I guess I'll experiment. More tips would be appreciated. I just released an original piece that I wanted to be villainous. Here it is.
  24. I was curious how one can take a melody/theme villainous/darker/evil sounding. I love the idea of dark reprises and was curious how to go about this. I write electronic music and remix in a similar style (i'm quite eccentric). I have a few themes I want to do this with and would like pointers. I know things like occasional tritones, minor keys, diminished chords, and accidentals are important but what else>? One of the pieces I want to do a villainous remix of (not having much luck due to the upbeat and repetitive nature of the piece).
  25. I think it's got a creepy atmosphere and it incorporates the pieces really well. I like it and think it's great for Halloween. Really hope it gets on the main page. If you need a remix title try "Mt. Sinjoh" ...