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  1. Hi, I'm electronic musician and am experimenting with DnB. Which tracks from Sonic A2 can be used for this album? I might join it if you'd let me (I've been kicked off multiple remix albums though but am improving).
  2. Because I like Darkpsy as a style, I decided to listen to your remix. I've never played Prince of Persia so I'm not familiar at all with the sources. The sound design is really cool and the atmosphere is sweet in a trippy way. It was a little long but ultimately stayed interesting. The kick was less present than usual but I found that a nice touch. You may need a second opinion but overall, good job.
  3. I've been a Pokemon fan since Gen 1. It's crazy how joyful he makes the electric guitar and Pokemon Black sound. Good job.
  4. I admit I'm still trying to decide the tracks to remix. I'm probably doing the Clever but might do the Conqueror as well. I can't think of track that fit the Clever (except the Episode Ignis Theme) or the Conqueror though. Got any suggestions? Once the tracks have been decided, I can start a track.
  5. I'm an Electronic musician and I'm at least decent at ambient music. How would one go about taking an ambient theme (stage or character theme presumably) and remixing it into a boss theme? You know like Donkey Kong 64 did for its soundtrack. I've already searched the internet for tips but didn't find much at all. Here's where I got the idea from. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BossRemix Someone else's example.
  6. I love Kingdom Hearts as a series (it's been one of my favorites since 2004) and am happy to see more mixes from the series here (aside from KH1, it's shockingly under-represented). The original theme is one of the best melancholy battle themes out there and this remix certainly does it justice. It almost feels like a Limit Cut fight with Roxas could fit to this. The source is mostly easy to identify and the original material is great and blended masterfully. This is probably one of the better KH remixes on the site too, good job.
  7. I agree that the Episode Ignis theme should be incorporated into my theme for The Clever. I can't decide on another piece to incorporate or be a base for it. I also love the idea of a classical sounding melody for the remix. Also that transcription of "Cosmogony" is pretty good.
  8. I confess that I'm not that great at transcription and may have to collab for the track. Which tracks do you guys think fit The Clever or should be incorporated? I'm very creative and love making music.
  9. I personally love this idea and think some of us should revive the project. The Clever would probably be my first choice of the official kings (I like his design for one thing). I'm not sure what themes or style would fit him though. I confess I'm a huge Yoko Shimomura and Kingdom Hearts fan but haven't finished FFXV. https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Kings_of_Lucis
  10. Bump! I posted a while back and still think this is an interesting idea. I might do a track for this even if the project's been cancelled. Which themes fit which kings? The document above isn't around anymore.
  11. I'm an electronic musician but considered great at Dark Ambient. Yoko Shimomura (composer of Kingdom Hearts and FFXV) is one of my favorite composers ever. I think this is an interesting concept for an album and would like in on it. Which themes fit which kings again?
  12. Thanks for the good advice, I'll keep it in mind. If anyone has any more, I'd like to hear it.
  13. Hi, I'm writing an antihero theme and/or remix and would like some tips. I guess putting a heroic theme in a minor key could help. How else can I evoke an antihero like Shadow the Hedgehog, Venom, or Kratos (God of War). Here's a few examples of antihero themes. As you can see, antiheroes come in many flavors. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. I think this remix is gorgeous and the collabs just make it better. It's very expressive and makes good use of the source. Good work.
  15. I thought it was a very pretty composition. I would like to see it orchestrated but it's fine as a piano piece.
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