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  1. its mainly becuase i only really ever used fruity as a sequencer, never really used the other dsp functions and stuff. Its a neat app though.
  2. black omen: I stopped using fruitly loops before version 3 came out, but im pretty sure that version 3 doesn't have a computerized voice creation tool. Im not sure what exactly your trying to do, but if you want to make your computer talk in a computer voice and sample it to sequnce in FL you can use programs like "text ole" and the computer voice generator app from www.analogx.com the analog x one is harder to make out the words but is very versitile in the sense that you can muck about with tempo and pitch of the voice. Apps like text ole create the more traditional computer voice like the ones you hear in tracks by cylob or bogdan raczynski. If your trying to get YOUR voice or one of your freinds to sound like a computer... thats a vocoder.. you can get a simple one at www.analogx.com but hardware vocoders will put it to shame any day of the week. I apologize in advance if you allready knew all this, and i misunderstood your question. But as far as i know, FL does Not have this feature built in. peace
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