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    Richard Földhazi and Jonathan Lemethy are two nerds that love Games, now they have started producing and remixing favorite game tunes.

    Jonathan Lemethy formed the artist Ianizer & Lemethy together with Ian Moström early 2009 and have since then worked hard with the electronic music. His intrest in retro gaming music has always been high and to dropp nice remixes of famoues tunes has always been an intrest

    Richard Földhazi is an nerd gamer who has a big intrest in gaming music, as a childhood friend with Jonathan he teamed up with him to create something he wanna hear himself.
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    Jonathan Lemethy
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    Google Account Manager

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    FL Studio
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  1. I must say we are really glad you liked it, we will take all your feedback very seriously and we will use this for our next production. We will be happy to bring some tunes into the community. Stay tuned and mucho respect from us
  2. Check out our latest work! hope u like it have a nice day and enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/rjremixes/rj-remixes-vs-donkey-kong
  3. thx mate! more to come nostalgia evening with wine and beats ;D
  4. thx! yeh we did it quick! will probaly show some mystic quest action aswell! thx
  5. a quick little remix from Opening of Megaman 3, your feedback is gladly appreciated have a nice day mates!