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  1. I have tried that and i get"illegal command: win". This disk is a part of Lords Royal Collection. It may be a later version. Windows xp or win 7 & 8 will not run it. When i was younger I had a copy of this on 3.5" and ran it with either dos or win 3.1 or whatever windows was called back then.(i want to say it was deltree?) I will look online for another copy of Lords1 and see what happens. Thanks!
  2. I get nothing. On Lords2 i was able to find a file other than setup (dosinst.exe) and i was able to choose from a list of soundcards. On Lords1 not so much. I just ran setup.exe from windows and i get no option on soundcards. There must be another install program i am missing then. May i ask which program you used to install lords1? Looks like you had better luck than me!
  3. Hope this is what you are asking for. Oh Lords2 and Warcraft Orks and Humans with sound if that is any help. Thanks. # This is the configurationfile for DOSBox 0.74. (Please use the latest version of DOSBox) # Lines starting with a # are commentlines and are ignored by DOSBox. # They are used to (briefly) document the effect of each option. [sdl] # fullscreen: Start dosbox directly in fullscreen. (Press ALT-Enter to go back) # fulldouble: Use double buffering in fullscreen. It can reduce screen flickering, but it can also result in a slow DOSBox. # fullresolution: What resolution
  4. Dosbox worked with Lords of the Realm1, but i have no sound. Anyone else out there ran this game with Dosbox and had the same issue. I hear the sound file during setup, but no sound during game. Still messing with it tho i am running out of ideas... Thanks.
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