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    SUPERMASSIVE QUAzAR (SQ/SQPROD) is a one-man musical project, only led by myself, who recorded an astronomical 600+ full songs prior to my 36th birthday.

    My love for music spans an incredible amount of styles and genres. I was raised from Pop to Rock, grown into Instrumentals and Orchestral, dabbed into Psychedelic and Trip/Hop, Hip-Hop, jingles and pretty much anything and everything in between.
    While my real passion lies in video game music (because, in my eyes, “There’s absolutely endless possibilities… for a lot of games you don’t have to stick to a single genre of music. You can go wild and really experiment and explore. It’s extremely liberating for a composer”), I seem to have a keen sense of creating pop melodies and catchy tunes, so why not do both?

    I started playing guitar at a late 19 years old, but the years I missed, I quickly and voraciously tried to make up for, and started recording an amazing amount of songs, some of which eventually became part of my first album, 2008’s PULzE, a lot of the others went to various other projects (films, video games, publishing, other).
    Along the way - before and after that - I got a number of music contracts and I kept on expanding my arsenal, becoming multi-instrumentalist (more than 95% of all you hear is all from myself), doing Sound Design and Producing and collaborating with many artists around the world as well, as well as plenty of video editing - I have a background in cinema as well.


    *A Versatile & Prolific Music Composer (Video Games, Films, Tv Shows, Commercials, Etc)

    *Also a Producer/Publishing, + collaborating with other artists (mostly female vocalists)

    *As well as a “band-project”, putting out albums rooted in Heavy Rock and catchy melodies

    So the very main goal here is to compose music. For me, and for you.
    It’s not really complicated… I just spread my musical wings… a lot.

    And this is all what SUPERMASSIVE QUAzAR is about.
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    Music Composer
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    Logic Pro X
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    Acoustic Bass
    Acoustic Guitar
    Electric Bass
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    Electric Guitar: Rhythm
    Vocals: Male
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    Keyboards (that means a s**tload of instruments)



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  1. As the title says Final Fantasy V OST Review I have quite a few in the work, so I could use some feedback Let me know what you think
  2. Hey OC Remix Obviously, I'm new here and I've only just discovered this site thanks to a bunch of cool and insightful videos (MAGFest 9) about Freelance Game Music Composers found on Youtube (so I guess I owe a big thank you to Josh Whelchel and all the cool people present at these panels). Late to the party, yeah, I know. Was thrilled to see this community exists because making music for videogames is definitely what I aim to do. So I can't thank enough the uploaders for showing me the way to here. I'm Dom, from Montreal, Quebec, I have an extensive recording sheet yet nothing has (yet) to do with videogames, unfortunately. I've also had a couple of music deals, publishing contracts and the likes, so I consider myself very serious about this. Music is what I want to do, no matter what or how. You guys will have to forgive me, I've never done any remixes (I recorded hundreds of songs, but I tend to be more an organic composer than anything else). Since the aforementioned videos explained that this community is much more than remixes, I thought I'd come here anyway and introduce me and my work. I consider myself a story-oriented gamer now, and I believe my music is like the games I enjoy playing nowadays... cinematic, emotional, very diversified. And quite often, dark. Right now I'm mostly doing music for movies and short flicks (as well as writing for various international artists), but what drives me is gaming, because I tend to have a pretty big musical vision, and I like to do things a little bit out of the box, and I believe it's easier to achieve these things in gaming vs. cinema if you ask me. Influences : Nobuo Uematsu, Akira Yamaoka, Michiru Yamane, Kondo, etc, etc. Games : Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Old(er) Resident Evil, Old(er) Silent Hill, Castlevania, Medievil 1, Fatal Frame, Zelda, the list goes on and on... As well as making instrumental music, I like to make pretty cool videos of those said songs. It's on my Youtube, but more of that later! Also, my favorite color is... red. Nice to meet you all
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