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    SUPERMASSIVE QUAzAR (SQ/SQPROD) is a one-man musical project, only led by myself, who recorded an astronomical 600+ full songs prior to my 36th birthday.

    My love for music spans an incredible amount of styles and genres. I was raised from Pop to Rock, grown into Instrumentals and Orchestral, dabbed into Psychedelic and Trip/Hop, Hip-Hop, jingles and pretty much anything and everything in between.
    While my real passion lies in video game music (because, in my eyes, “There’s absolutely endless possibilities… for a lot of games you don’t have to stick to a single genre of music. You can go wild and really experiment and explore. It’s extremely liberating for a composer”), I seem to have a keen sense of creating pop melodies and catchy tunes, so why not do both?

    I started playing guitar at a late 19 years old, but the years I missed, I quickly and voraciously tried to make up for, and started recording an amazing amount of songs, some of which eventually became part of my first album, 2008’s PULzE, a lot of the others went to various other projects (films, video games, publishing, other).
    Along the way - before and after that - I got a number of music contracts and I kept on expanding my arsenal, becoming multi-instrumentalist (more than 95% of all you hear is all from myself), doing Sound Design and Producing and collaborating with many artists around the world as well, as well as plenty of video editing - I have a background in cinema as well.


    *A Versatile & Prolific Music Composer (Video Games, Films, Tv Shows, Commercials, Etc)

    *Also a Producer/Publishing, + collaborating with other artists (mostly female vocalists)

    *As well as a “band-project”, putting out albums rooted in Heavy Rock and catchy melodies

    So the very main goal here is to compose music. For me, and for you.
    It’s not really complicated… I just spread my musical wings… a lot.

    And this is all what SUPERMASSIVE QUAzAR is about.
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    Music Composer
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    Logic Pro X
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    Acoustic Bass
    Acoustic Guitar
    Electric Bass
    Electric Guitar: Lead
    Electric Guitar: Rhythm
    Vocals: Male
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    Keyboards (that means a s**tload of instruments)

About Me

An experienced & versatile composer who had many actual music contract 

Everything can be found here : 


"All I really want to do is music for games..." 


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