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  1. Thank you. that is what I was looking for... I guess I must've just not noticed it. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Is there a way to implement a search by year? there are many times where i want to enjoy songs from the early 2000's but the only solution i have at the moment for that is by downloading the torrents. Just a thought.
  3. I hardly ever post in the forums, but here is my 1st post in years. When I seen the album I was excited about listening to it and then found out you had to buy it. I was upset, but after i thought about it i figured i would eventually buy it... because this site has given us tons of free music and ever since i started coming here back in 2001-2002 i have never paid or been asked to pay for anything so i figured it is worth the one time charge of $10.00. but i can understand peoples anger towards this... since in the beginning this site never charged for anything... so it was kind of a let down to have an album on the front page of the site where all the free albums are only to find out you can't freely download this one you have to pay for it. Just my opinion
  4. Or just use noscript for firefox, it'll bypass it.
  5. I'll miss the guy, i never thought he touched any kids but i do remember him when i was very young during the 80's and i will always remember watching his videos. RIP MJ
  6. Hmmm, Was thinking if anyone is willing to remix the few songs on the Harvest Moon (SNES) game. there is like 5 songs or so. If so that would be kickass haha. Midnight Fox
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