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  1. well, at the present moment i'm on my fourth consecutive listen, and I think I might just have to divulge in a fifth listen until I unevitably have to leave for Sunday morning church This is some sweet stuff. I can't really say very much because djpretzel has covered most of what would be my review. But I must say, I've followed jazz closely for many years, and this is as enjoyable and professional as any other material available in the genre. I've also studied jazz in university, and it's clear that Neskvartetten is well studied in in performance and the theory of its composition. Which brings me to saying this - Dude you rock my sox! NIIIIIIiiiiiiiice. You control that sax like a master. And as a drummer myself, I have to say that that brush work is very suitable, so energetic, and always remains appropriate with respect the instrumental parts being played around them. The guitar is tamed nicely and helps round out the piece for a nice, overal textural blend. The bells are just as sweet! Well, I can't say enough about this fine piece. I'm just gonna have to zip my lip now and have a sixth listen..... doooo deeee doooo... da da....
  2. Ok, I've been sitting here at my computer all day working on a huge deadline and i've been listening to hundreds and hundreds of OC Remix tunes ALL day long... The people around me are looking at me funny because of some of the zanny interpretations, but hey, OC remix is about fun also. Anyways, I want to make this really breif, but I want you to know I have never felt compelled to write a review about other's remixes.... EVER... I guess you can call me lazy. Anyways, this is my first review, and I had to stop working and I had onto ocremix.org as FAST as humanly possible because I wanted to COMPLIMENT this incredible remix. I really don't have time to go into detail, other than to say overall what an INCREDIBLE job this is. It is amazing in every which possible way. I wish I could disect the song, but I'd be repeating myself in saying Good, Great, Wonderful, and Beautiful. I'm a musician of 18 years, so take my words of compliment. I've studied electronic music, industrial... etc... at College in great detail. This is great stuff.. I can't say that enough...
  3. I'm speechless. Quite hypnotic. Tingles the senses. When I close my eyes I see little terminators dancing about sprinkling little hearts everywhere. Now I'm just itching to have my approved Mellowdramatic-Metroid-Medley posted... should be any week now!
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