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  1. I was really enjoying the song when I started reading the description. When I saw that this was meant to go with Dance Nation and Rolling Start, I immediately went to my music library and checked. Yup. Both of those are in my top rated list, and it looks like this one is poised to join them!
  2. Help a newbie out? I recently did a screencap and wasn't paying attention to the music that was playing. When I went back and reviewed it, I realized that I really liked the song! However, I only have a 30 second clip and wasn't able to figure out which song was playing. I narrowed it down as well as I could, but wasn't successful, and I can't really check every OCR song I have because, well, I have 2600 of them... I was thinking of posting the screencap here in hopes that someone recognizes it. Can someone tell me in which forum should I post such a request? Thanks.
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