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  1. In RPGs, I hoard all those extra-powerful healing items or items that permanently increase stats...but end up never using them. I also tend to keep the initial equipment of party members, thinking that they will be required for some secret upgrade later on.
  2. I remember playing Resident Evil 1 on the playstation a very long time ago with my friends. Near the beginning was a scene showing your first encounter with a zombie ( ). The combination of the visuals and sounds were enough to send us kids running away physically. Some parts in Parasite Eve 2, such as hearing sobbing noises behind a door, made me reluctant to proceed. The scariest moments so far for me were in Amnesia. I don't know why, but sometimes it was a mental exercise just to start up the game. Just to name a few defining moments - hiding in the room filled with corpses, the iron maiden suprise, water monster, etc.
  3. Hello world - of ocremix, Journey Mechanism (or just JM) here. I've actually been around awhile, mostly just listening to the music and reading random threads. It's good to find a community that also enjoys video game music. Looking forward to joining this forum!