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  1. haha thanks for the overwhelming feedback. really there isnt any seceret trick or magic. The technical part can be learned and is all about practice, but the musical part, (writing the song/melody) picking right leads, tweaks etc, is 100% emotional in my opinion. Thats probably why so many artists write about love and stuff. If you can react emotionally to something you make, then you're doing something right. I used to stream a little bit, but i dont do it very often. I do however have a video on youtube "fungist - nefarious" you're not seeing me produce, but you see the playlist playing the song, etc. Im using FL studio with built in plugins, then Massive, nexus and Sylenth, sometimes z3ta for pads.
  2. Hi VGM enthusiasts. After i got my "Psy-castle" through and had some attention about it, i couldnt hold back my other projects waiting to be finished. I had one Banjo Kazooie remix going on which i submitted to OCR 20 days ago. Then i also had this castle version of SMW2 lying around too. So i finished it, and wanted to up it here before i eventually decided to submit it. So "Psy Castle" was castle theme from SMW, and here is my remix of castle theme SMW2. Its a completly different genre though, not electro like the other remix. Also, Im known as both B-laze and Fungist. My future projects will be "Fungist" Original source here: Here is the remix, the genre i had to place under "drumstep" which is a blend of drum&bass and dubstep(?) (Be aware that the latest version is uploaded on soundcloud. The version on youtube is 1 day older. i reup to soundcould because i wanted to fix a few mixing flaws. The melody is the same as in the game, it might get a bit boring after 4 minutes but i couldnt improvise too much with the main melody. instead is just slightly moved a few notes here and there hoping it doesnt get too boring. However the last part of the song is 100% improvised. Download track:
  3. Hello Im B-laze aka fungist, and just found out about my submission went through after getting a PM on my soundcloud. I came here to check and was overwhelmed by the good review of my track, however i was so sad to realise something have gone wrong with my submission. I have no idea how this could possibly happend as i looked through it many times, but i realised i have submitted a "early" version of the track. The finished track wasnt the one i uploaded. It could be i had same name on both tracks and deleted the completed track instead of the "early" one, and later exported the project again to upload to my social network. This version here is almost done though, but it lacks proper mastering and mixdown, aswell as main bassline lacking a bit low's, so the LFO basses that comes in at 1:36 have too much bass compared to main line. Also a few sounds and leads are missing. It seemed to get good review anyways so i gonna be happy and thankful for that. please allow me to share the proper version here. excuse me if that was rude of me
  4. I make all kinds of electronic dance music. And i have all my inspiration from Japanese videogames. In other words, i have my inspiration from japanese music. This track should bring you that ''videogame'' feeling. i have done some quick remixes of Pocky & Rocky and Banjo Kazooie too, and are open to do more remixes. this track is a original and is not a remix or a ingame soundtrack. it is a custom production, using all my inspiration from my life of videogaming. i mostly get my inspiration from RPG games, but also from arcade, racing and shooters. Watch youtube: And download here: