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  1. I don't know that they are really worth getting at this point. I actually bought this new with Kore 2, and kore 2 was an incredible piece of software. Since moving to a keyboard without all of the knobs and sliders, it is very convenient to map things to the kore 2 controller. They are built like tanks, and great response on them. I don't know what the going rate on them is, but basically you are paying for 8 knobs or latch switches (each button above a knob will latch it at 0 or 127). Shame that kore2 software is dead though, maschine doesn't offer the same functionality (though it is good at other things).

  2. It is beautiful, and very well built. The software was also beautiful. Not only did it browse all of komplete from 1 interface, but it allowed you to morph between up to 4 sounds, regardless of which synth they came from. I miss it, but I didn't want to be stuck at komplete 6 anymore either

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