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  1. thanks! This one was all in the bass. so much fun! Does this mean i get the wooden spoon for being the only sub (an unfinished track) and being late?
  2. still managed to miss the deadline but whatever. enjoy fellows!
  3. Guess i managed to screw up the deadline, but ill post my unfinished WIP here just for the lulz, and so Chalis gets to hear more takes on the source!
  4. Deadline in 8 minutes. Ive got something cooking, but will there be an extension?
  5. Esperado

    Fl studio

    And its available for Macs now too, about time!
  6. I was playing this game yesterday!
  7. Esperado

    MnP 93: Zelda (Nes) - Labyrinth/Dungeon

    whats the randomizer?
  8. Esperado

    MnP 93: Zelda (Nes) - Labyrinth/Dungeon

    This is a catchy one with lots of nice bits!
  9. Esperado

    PRC373 - Time to Thunder (Final Fantasy X)

    same! I got a bassline and drums like i always do and then slept in a few too many times. great turnout though!
  10. Esperado

    OHC500 - One Hour Compo Round 500

    Perfect, Ive always wanted to do OHC but was always working. Not today! PS. How do i enter?
  11. Esperado

    PRC373 - Time to Thunder (Final Fantasy X)

    thats enough time to whip something up! Even if you dont like the end result much, its still better than nothing. Of course its easier said than done.
  12. Esperado

    PRC373 - Time to Thunder (Final Fantasy X)

    Got a bunch of excuses to participate this time. where the other old timers at?
  13. Esperado

    April Fool's Gold

    Wow this one totally got me! Kudos to whomever thought of this
  14. Esperado

    MnP 90: Metroid - Brinstar

    Ahh, My fav series for remix compos!
  15. Esperado

    PRC364 - The 14th Anniversary (Free Round)

    lets go people! dont make me and Evktalo go head to head in a fierce musical jedi battle.