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  1. There are 2 big changes: 1) MK2 has a slightly different fit, it is supposedly more comfortable and a bit easier to get the correct sound out of them. 2) MK2 comes with 2 cables, one coiled, one not. The drivers are the same, the sound is the same (provided you have them on snug). To be honest, the regular K240 studios at $85 are a great deal.
  2. About the only time you want a hard repetitive drum line through an entire song is if you are trying to give the feeling of a machine. Otherwise there is always variation
  3. Cubase has something similar, I think that's pretty standard now.
  4. Actually, I used Sonar, pretty much since the beginning of time (92 with Cakewalk for DOS). I still have X2 Producer installed. I have always had good experiences with it. I tried out Cubase because I got into more orchestral work and liked the idea of expression maps. I did the 30 day trial, and eventually bought it. In the end, I do think Cubase is stronger for midi if you are doing orchestral work. Not much of a difference for the typical EDM or rock band DAW. If you are not doing heavy orchestral, and starting from scratch, I would say pick Sonar or Cubase, both are good, but if you already have Cubase, I can't think of any reason to switch to Sonar. If you already have Sonar, I am not sure Cubase is worth the purchase unless you are dealing with lots of sample libraries with different keyswitching, etc.
  5. Another chime in for Cubase here. It is a composer's DAW, not to say that there are not others, but things like expression maps, note expression, and sane handling of VSTs make it great for composition. It can also do a fine job of the final mix and mastering. If you are not heavily into midi, Pro Tools is great for audio. If you are more likely to do your composing with audio clips (or loops) ableton is a great choice. That doesn't mean that other DAWs are a poor choice, they all have their strengths, but if you have Cubase, and are doing heavy midi work, I don't know that it's worth investing in anything else.
  6. Reaktor has a lot of good granular options. Padshop with the pro upgrade offers some options as well. The best in my opinion is MachFive 3.
  7. There are very successful producers out there who don't use anything more than a laptop.
  8. If you are looking, I mistyped it when I made my original post. It is the AX3000B
  9. It's an all around great multi board. The amp and cabinet modelling is good, the distortion is decent, the chorus is great. All the usual suspects are there. What I really love about it are the synth effects (even a nice ring mod) and the pitch shift (drop an octave, etc). It has a step sequencer for controlling effects as well.
  10. Actually, that part is slightly inaccurate. If you have upgraded off of Komplete 6, they will let you sell your komplete 6 license, but your upgrade license becomes invalid. It really doesn't make a lot of sense, but they will let you do it.
  11. If I had to limit myself to just a couple of VSTs, Zebra and Kontakt are what I couldn't live without. Reaktor if Ihad to pick a 3rd. Sure, I use a lot more, but those end up in constant use.
  12. I know you can sell the NI stuff, you cannot resell cakewalk products, so I am not sure how that will work out with Z3TA
  13. I tend to do most things in the box, but when I just want to plug in and jam, I use a Korg Toneworks AX300B. It's a great all purpose box, and has some unusual effects as well.
  14. It is beautiful, and very well built. The software was also beautiful. Not only did it browse all of komplete from 1 interface, but it allowed you to morph between up to 4 sounds, regardless of which synth they came from. I miss it, but I didn't want to be stuck at komplete 6 anymore either

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