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  1. Not 100% on this, but I leave master level at 0, and aim for no more than -6 on export from daw, then drop some exciter and limiter on that and aim for between -0.3 and 0db on final master. This seems to make mp3's sound better. prob not so much wav. This is just way I do it, so prob best to experiment,
  2. I like the mix of chip synths with new - think you nailed that! Pace of track kept me interested throughout. Would be good if you could post a high quality mp3/wav on soundcloud - it's hard to comment on quality of the mix otherwise - sounds pretty damn fine though. Includes most of my faves as well
  3. Tune is good. I like where this could end up. Engineering needs work - it all sounds a bit muddy. Too many of the sounds in are in the high end. I would EQ out the very top end anyway - if just to take the harshness away if listening through cans. Drums should punch through more - chuck some EQ/compression on them as well as some exciter maybe? Bass and keyboard sounds are lost in here but could sort that with some side chain EQ and compression. I think once you get the mix sorted out this will sound decent.
  4. Final Mixdown (I think): mp3: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/533326 wav: https://soundcloud.com/mattcarr/lifeforce-thunderbolt-matt Cheers, Matt
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