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  1. hey everyone check out my own rendition of this great song, I use Mixcraft mix with EWQL Colossus free download https://soundcloud.com/louiejr2988/kiss-me-goodbye-cover video: plus I this song live here is link plus free download https://soundcloud.com/louiejr2988/kiss-me-goodbye-mp3 original :
  2. hey guys had to reupload the songs over again, to fix up. i did my best not easy but here are the links final fantasy X youtube video http://youtu.be/lECHMwkuMzg?list=UUKuzNfqf_vnHztnBXqBTy_Q free download https://soundcloud.com/louiejr2988/suteki-da-ne-cover-remake xenogears piece http://youtu.be/uJ_HUF4gaxU?list=UUKuzNfqf_vnHztnBXqBTy_Q free download https://soundcloud.com/louiejr2988/xenogears-lost-broken-shard-my-own-version original sources final fantasy xenogears
  3. Oh that software sorry I misunderstood your last post you talking about presonus If I get paid I probably could get that at Amazon
  4. That what I did I use mixcraft with ewql vsti
  5. Thanks honestly I don't really read music never was classical trained. Been self train with years learning music by hearing. Don't get me wrong the softwares are great just with the computer I have sometimes my music been off. I know because I listen to my music all the time Oh sorry about the link I was trying to fix up the songs that why I put work in progress but just look me up Https://soundcloud.com/louiejr2988
  6. I covered these two tracks. These tracks aren't easy to set up especially in two softwares. I used mixcraft as main sources with EWQL colossus and Gold and silver I hope you guys enjoy them plus download are free I'm still got fix some issues for these two tracks HTTPS://soundcloud.com/louiejr2988/suteki-da-nesuteki-da-ne-cover-remake HTTPS://soundcloud.com/louiejr2988/xenogears-lost-broken-shard-my-own-version Final fantasy video: HTTP://Youtu.be/x34VJ1ivlGc Xenogears video: Http://youtu.be/TehBPk2pv40 Original Xenogears HTTP://youtu.be/GIFlzhrYShU Final fantasy X Http://youtu.be/mehqQhSmjUM
  7. I wasn't aiming overdramtic orchestration like the original plus I'm not good using the drums since everything is being played on one keyboard
  8. Thanks I did really not a easy piece to compose
  9. hey everyone check out my remix orchestrated of final fantasy VI main theme, Hope you guys like it I use mixcraft with Mangus chorus and mixcraft instruments my youtube: my soundcloud free download: https://soundcloud.com/louiejr2988/final-fantasy-vi-main-theme original:
  10. http://youtu.be/mwrA7O5st-Y https://soundcloud.com/louiejr2988/senerade-of-water-revised http://tindeck.com/listen/zasa
  11. plus also there wasn't much great sounds bits to used since i did composed it
  12. thanks i was try to reloop thats why but like i said i did try my best
  13. I remade this lovely track hope you all enjoy i wasn't easy doing this http://tindeck.com/listen/azuz http://youtu.be/VgbA6UyAclg http://snd.sc/1d0alQb
  14. this my slow best version of legend of zelda skyward sword main theme http://tindeck.com/listen/xiqw
  15. here my link of final fantasy own eyes of me you could check it out if you want http://tindeck.com/listen/anaq
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