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  1. Round 4 Review NovaRepear vs Cash and Change NovaRepear: Again, I liked the intro, but then it went crazy. Also your sounds are werid, and you had a metronome there the whole way? What seemed to be a trumpet like sound, sounded nothing like a trumpet, also sounded off tuned. Dont know if its your sound card or software, but the drums where really awful, sounded like a stick hitting the wall. Sorry to say, but didnt like it. Keep it up though. Cash and Change: I like it, I think it is was well made, but to slow for me. For some reason I love the sonic tune. My vote is for: Cash and Change: jnWake vs Cosmic Sounds jnWake: Awsome song, great transisions. It has Powerful areas and other soft areas great tempo. Last week song was better thought imo. Cosmic Sounds: It sounds great, but feels incomplete, at end you feel there should be more to it. It was dificult but my vote goes to jnWake Tuberz: OMG THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUKING GREAT SONG MAN!!!! THIS IS GOING TO MY CAR PLAYLIST!!!!!!!!!! Wow men this is a terrific job. Keep it up dude. Only suggestion is on the solo part a little more variation would had been greater. Mr.L I like it, its good, well made. But needs more variations. MindWanderer: Dont like it, the pipe organ solo overextends to much, and get you tired. TOP Compositors Round 3........................ Round 4 1) jnWake .................. 1)Tuberz 2) Tuberz ..................... 2)jnWake 3) MindWanderer........... 3)Mr.L 4)Cosmic Sounds......... 4)Cosmic Sounds 5)therex .......................5)Cash and Change 6)Mr.L ........................6)MindWanderer 7)Cash and Change..... 7)Nova Reaper 8-)Nova Reaper 9)Xarnax42
  2. Round 3 Review Well, only one real Battle this week. jnWake vs Tuberz Both songs were incredibly,well done and I have listented to them plenty of times today, but I had to choose one for my vote, and it was jnWake jnWake: You song, in my opinion was like an epic theme song for one of those awsome chacarters on a Anime, one that will appear speaking some epic stuff. It had energy, it was well balanced, just epic. My Favorite for this round. Tuberz: Your song, the intro sounded like a james bond theme, but then it showed some emotion, this is a well done remix/song. Love the 1:29-2:18 part. In overall a great job. If you would had paired againts any other you would had win Cosmic Sounds vs Nova Reaper Nova Reaper: I liked you intro, but then it was weird I thought I was going crazy, with bunch of noises in the background. When the sudden Piano started I thought it was someones cellphone. Cosmic Sounds: You had my vote for this one, liked your song. Really sad, like when a chacrater you love dies on a video game. therex vs Xarnax42 Xarnax42: It was different, but too short to judge. therex: You had my vote, I really liked the use of ingame sounds for your remix, and you knew not to abuse from them. In overeal great song. The other 3 songs dont know why are not in the contest. but will review them MindWanderer: Are you a sax player? Wow this was cool, and would love to hear and see this been played live at a jazz bar, having some drinks. Really jazzy. Mr.L Nice song, I like your style very smooth, but it is missing something. Something that people will remeber and that will stay in plp minds. A powerful lead, or something like that. Cash and Change Hated the intro, but like whats happens after 0:57, the piano thing at the intro reminds me of hallowen theme song. Top 9 1) jnWake 2) Tuberz 3) MindWanderer 4)Cosmic Sounds 5)therex 6)Mr.L 7)Cash and Change 8)Nova Reaper 9)Xarnax42
  3. Those EXE files are just homeless baby virus and worms, that wants a home.
  4. Ok let me explain it better XD. I am on a band (Rock), and I neded a keyboard to play live. This one seems to be light and very portable.
  5. Hi, will be buying a Roland Juno Di, Do you think is a good buy, or should II buy another one. Price Range $700 -$850
  6. Hi, newcomer here. Have been listening to all round 1 and round 2 songs, was able to vote for round 2. To be honest round 1 songs are better than round 2. I specificaly enjoyed Soul Aquas by Cosmic Sound Also Checkmate by Turbez Mcgee was just so full on energy, really cool song. Also Great song by jnWake I really didnt enjoy round 2 songs as much as I did with round 1. Also I am not such a big Megaman or Sonic Fan I played a lot of Megaman X not the original Megaman and from Sonic I know only a few songs, like Green Hill Zone XD. Overall Keep the good work!! Will keep listening