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  1. Thanks for your criticism, man! And, about the synth @ 1:31, I was just trying to using a phaser on the piano instrument I had, to make it sound less bland.
  2. To be honest.... it was pretty boring. The sections you remixed were too long, they sounded too much like the original, and some parts were too slow for my taste. Also, I can barely hear the percussion, which makes the song sound even more dull. Needs a little work, but you're getting there!
  3. Well, let me assure you, not a single instrument used in this song was from the MIDI library. Still, I'll take your word on the "dry and plain sounds". I do need to work on instrumentation a little. Any sounds and instruments that you have in mind? I'd appreciate it a lot. Also, what do you mean by "very little mixing is required for this kind of song"? Does it mean I need to do a better job of mixing, or it isn't necessary at all?
  4. I made a mix of various Mario themes. What do you think? I would appreciate your opinions very much. I'm gonna need all the help I can get! Thanks! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/540718
  5. I'm Spark, and I run "SparkTunez". I came here for the same reason you all probably came here: I love VG music and remixing it! I work with Fl Studio and a little bit with FamiTracker. I've also been a fan of OC Remix since I was about 10. I've always wanted to make music for them. Speaking of music making, I guess you could say I'm pretty good at it. If you'd like to see a demo of what I can do, just ask. I'm still a student, so don't expect anything ridiculously awesome, yet. I still have a lot to learn, and I hope my experience on OC remix teaches me these things. Great to meet you all!
  6. If you haven't heard of "Gimmick!", get your arse on coolrom or something and grab a ROM of it. But if you HAVE, you'll agree with me when I say, THE MUSIC IN THAT GAME IS FUCKING BRILLIANT. It's currently one of my favorite VG soundtracks. So, I have something to ask of all you fellow gimmick fans.Care to contribute to a fan album of this amazing soundtrack? It'll be fun! Whaddya say?
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