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    I have always had interest in video games across the entire spectrum, although my favorites are Adventure, Simulators and MMORPGs. This doesn't really much go for the music; I don't have favorites, instead my list is what I dislike. I'm not a music producer. I'm a graphic artist.

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  1. Does anyone know the lyrics of any of the tracks? I desperately need the info. Sorry if I'm repeating a similar request.
  2. I've been visiting for almost a decade, especially as I am a gamer, mostly for adventure games and MMORPGs. I may have been just an observer, but I hope I can contribute using my skills as a learning graphic designer. There are some areas I am good at and others that I do terribly or would need/want additional help with. I also have been interested in producing variations of music, although I have never done it before. Not sure what else to say. There are probably many questions that should be answered.
  3. I'm a big fan of OCR. I have listened the music for a very long time. You have really good albums for the games, even those I know nothing about. Anyway: I've been having an idea ever since I heard "Thanks for Dinner", Unraveling the Mystery", and competitions. I decided to join and state my idea. i thought of a competition in which the five games are used (URU doesn't count). Not sure which format to use, team or elimination? Me, I prefer elimination brackets (ex. Sonic Zone Remix Compo and Grand Maverick Remix Battle). I even have ideas of bracket titles, Achenar, Sirius, and Atrus.
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