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  1. I hope we can all stop and take a moment to appreciate the wonder of so much media being generated from a game that originally occupied a grand total of 3 megabytes
  2. Thanks =D I'd actually created it before the previous post with separate ones (and an all-in-one mp3), i just forgot to post it here The reason I prefer FLAC in most cases is, aside from having a lossless 'master' copy to keep on my main PC, it also allows me to encode in my choice lossy format (vorbis@ q6) without having to transcode an mp3. (plus i hate mp3 for reasons technical and ethical, hah).
  3. I went ahead and made a gapless FLAC of the Omen suite. I just strung them all together in Audacity and removed the gaps at a magnification close enough to be working with individual samples, so when you listen to it it sounds as seamless as reasonably possible. I'll put the link to the flac shared from my dropbox for the moment, unless someone has a better solution in mind for sharing it.
  4. I went ahead and joined the 4 tracks of Omen back to one FLAC. It's on my dropbox here:


    I did the joining using Audacity and made sure to keep all tags (except i purposefully deleted the track gain and album gain tags since they'd now be different). Feel free to post this elsewhere since it's yours. Maybe preview the audio at the "split" times and make sure it sounds good and I haven't missed something. I'm in the process of removing the silence from tracks 2, 3, and 4 also, in case you want me to share those with you as well.

  5. Yup, I confirmed at the beginning of track 3 as well - but by that point I was assuming it would be the same for 3 and 4 . The good thing about having the FLACs, though, is that a competent user of Audacity could trim the waveform and save themselves a new lossless "master" as well as a lossy copy with no transcoding drama.
  6. I noticed myself that this didn't play gaplessly in Winamp. And taking a look at the waveform for the beginning of Omen part 2, i can see why - it's not edited correctly :-/
  7. That's not really it. My complaint wasn't that my tracks are tagged wrong, it was that whoever entered the track names for the album entry on last.fm, put in track names not consistent with the title tags of the official download. But then... Yup, you're right - if it wasn't officially put up by you guys then I have no complaint here, sorry for pestering you about it =)
  8. Yeah, it's a small world! Basically the issue is this: all the track titles on the album (official download) are in the format "Song Name (source song name)", such as: Aggressive Blue Magic (Strago), etc. The album tracklist on last.fm is missing the parentheticals at the end (so just Aggressive Blue Magic) - this is the case with every single song, as far as i can tell. I don't know which format people around here consider as "proper", but for scrobbling consistency, the track names should exactly match the file title tags. Notice that on the album page, the "number of listeners" for each
  9. I just found out about this album last week and I'm in love. FFVI was the game which got me interested not only in "serious" RPGs but also in game music in general. Incidentally, in the late '90s i randomly met a guy on ICQ and we chatted about game music arrangements as well as Hans Zimmer soundtracks; he even sent me some of his original compositions. His name was Chad Seiter... We lost touch eventually but I was super excited to recognize his name in the credits of ST2009, and I'm pumped that he has a piece on this album. I have one last comment concerning the album - whoever entered the
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