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  1. i was kinda surprised by it too and it grew on me. figures. (:
  2. I went ahead and joined the 4 tracks of Omen back to one FLAC. It's on my dropbox here:


    I did the joining using Audacity and made sure to keep all tags (except i purposefully deleted the track gain and album gain tags since they'd now be different). Feel free to post this elsewhere since it's yours. Maybe preview the audio at the "split" times and make sure it sounds good and I haven't missed something. I'm in the process of removing the silence from tracks 2, 3, and 4 also, in case you want me to share those with you as well.

  3. well crap. that sucks hardcore. ): sorry about that. i don't think we knew there was a gap when it got split into segments. at some point we'll have to find a way to have an mp3/flac available of the entire thing without gaps.
  4. .... i don't hear the windows ding at 1:42. and i know we didn't put one in there. o.O
  5. conversely, i would pick mackie over most things. at least based on my very successful history using their gear. if i were in a position where i had to choose between both devices, i would look for detailed technical reviews of both to make my decision rather than asking on a forum lacking said technical reviews.
  6. i'd never even heard of the machine until this thread. it sure looks like an amiga style machine although according to some articles there are some definite differences. good find on the track up there! hahaha larry said chicken dinner. now i'm hungry.
  7. it sure sounds like something from the commodore 64 (maybe amiga). sounds very european style to me. i'm sad to say that i don't recognize the music from any of the games i've ever heard. do you remember which system it was played on? might help narrow it down.
  8. coming up with the original outline was a huge challenge. especially since the goal was to create something that would be enjoyable to listen to as opposed to "because we can." well, 39 minutes of it will be available to listen to when the project is released. we decided we're not going to go back to the original plan and finish it. all our plates got insanely full after this. the reasoning was mostly because we were dared to do it. since we don't like to litter, leaving gauntlets on the ground seemed environmentally unfriendly. the original idea was to make a "concept album" style piece out of it. one long piece with movements. the final version is separated into 4 movements for the sake of easier navigation. in a word, no. (longer answer) again, we were kinda challenged to do it. so we created the outline. then we were told we needed to trim it down so we did. what we had at the trimmed down point was something -we- enjoyed listening to. over and over and over again. once it got to that point, it didn't matter anymore. if other people enjoy it, that's fantastic. if they don't, that's ok too. my personal rule in arranging is that it has to be something that i enjoy creating and would listen to. if it doesn't meet those criteria, why bother? and someday i might have to adjust that tone but for now i've been very lucky that at least 2-3 people enjoy it and that's a very tasty icing on the cake. (:
  9. the original outline was 74 minutes. we trimmed it down.
  10. i ended up using this music as part of a FFV boss medley from a few years ago in DoD. probably not what you're looking for (and i never got around to submitting it to OCR because i lost all the source files in a crash) but here it is just in case: http://dwellingofduels.net/dodarchive/08-06-Boss_vs_Hero/02-norg-Final%20Fantasy%205-Boss%20Key-DoD.mp3
  11. I've been a drummer for 13 years, and I've always felt that rock rythems generated by an electronic source never come anywhere near to the sound nor the spirit a live drummer on an acoustic set can sound like. Until today at least, the drums on your Full Frontal remix are fucking incredible. I had trouble being able to say for certain that it isn't a human drummer at first (I was conteplating running the track through a fourier frequency decomposition in matlab to tell for sure (two electronic drum "hits" are nearly identical in wave structure, unlike acoustic drums.)) Absolutely amazing work bud, I can even hear that sense of "spirit" a live drummer can put behind their performance, I've never come close to hearing that in electronic drum tracks before.

    Great job man, Cheers!

  12. i think it had to do with getting a real good deal on the facility. i'm hoping he doesn't do it two years in a row though... -= george =-
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