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  1. If anyone want to remix last rounds second source (which didn't get any love last time), Rhytm Heaven Fever (Wii) - Flipper Flop, that is fine too (but I'm not going to edit the details for this round).

    There's no MID available, but an MP3 is up at last rounds ThaSauce page:


    D'oh gosh! Thanks, man!

  2. Modulation just means change

    you need to know what you're changing and how.

    Ho boy. Now I feel silly :<

    Anyways, thanks very much! I'll have to dust off the ol' Casio. However, I do try to create an automation clip, but it doesn't work--i.e., I right-click on a knob on a synth, select "create automation clip," and it says I need producer edition. How do you create an automation clip, if not in this way?

  3. 1. It's a filter, specifically a Low Pass filter. Basically, it allows only the frequencies below the cutoff frequency through, while filtering out the rest. In this track, there is automation to gradually raise the cutoff frequency so the frequencies allowed through gradually increase.

    In FL, you're going to want Fruity Free Filter from the mixer window. Right click the cutoff knob and select create automation clip. Now, you can change the cutoff frequency over time by adjusting the automation clip.

    Looks like automation clips are only possible in producer edition... hmm... is there any other way to do this than with an automation clip?

    2. I'm not sure which effect you're specifically referencing from this track. In the very beginning of the track it sounds like a distortion effect and filter automation. If you're looking for something else in the track, please clarify :).

    That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

    3. Again, I'm not sure I understand what specifically you're asking here. Have an example?

    I think that the word I was looking for was modulation. Here's an example:

    Those staccato synths have the thing I'm looking for. I have a few synths that do this, but their modulation pattern (if that's the right term) starts over at the beginning of each note. How do I get it so that modulation changes over the span of multiple notes as in the example? Is this also an automation track thing?

  4. Okay, I'm a complete newbie at this. Listening to the mixes around here, I've already found some effects I want to learn. If you don't know how to do them, even knowing their names can help me.

    1. You know this remix? http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02663/

    What is that "muffled" effect called, and can it be achieved in FL Studio (Fruity Version, particularly)? And how do you increase/decrease it over time?

    2. How can I change EQ over time, similar to how it is done here:

    3. How can I get one waveform/synth to "phase" into another one?

    If you have any other effects you could tell me about, please do let me know! I wanna expand my palette as far as I can. I have the funds to upgrade, so I will if it's necessary to get these effects.

  5. Hoo boy, that's a tough one to follow.

    I'm Will Collins, just a wee lad of 17. Mostly I write real, portable-to-Famicom chiptunes (did I mention they're REALLY REAL?) such as THIS one, but recently, as in about a week ago, I ran across the Great Robot Master Remix Battles and stuff, and thought that would be a fun thing to do. Currently I'm in the process of learning to use FL Studio 11, so hopefully I'll be up and running and ready to compete by next year...

    I got started writing music about 3 years ago when I wanted to make a fan game having to do with a certain blue guy who shoots lemons. I got as far as writing the soundtrack and designing the characters and then I got bored of it and quit, but I sure as hell learned to make a good melody. I still do that sort of thing, for other people's projects, and I often partake in OHCs down at ThaSauce under the username hectictesseract.

    Oh, and I guess I should link you to my profile on the Famitracker Forums too, for any other chiptune guys.

  6. Do you recall the first time you made a piece of music where you thought, "Hey, this is pretty good/doesn't suck!" ?

    HAH! ALL my compositions are "pretty good," puny mortal.

    Okay, seriously.

    I've done tons of Mega Man fan songs, but let's not count them... THIS is my first "legitimate" original, made just 6 months ago! This is when I really realized I could write completely original originals (not fan-compositions or nothin') and not just fall on my face.

    Hey, but you might see a few Mega-styled originals from me around here anyways... ;-)

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