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  1. Back in 2013 I used to do a lot of Mega Man styled original music for various projects. Now all those projects are dead, so the music is MINE! Hope y'all enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/dimwiddy/sets/dimmers-mega-dump
  2. Marshal! You know... from Rhythm Heaven...? Yeah, I'm one of them.
  3. Wow, looking at the votes is real... gratifying! You guys are so nice! This is probably the most pleasant "last place" I've gotten!
  4. I coulda sworn I did that already... anyways, here it is! Update: panicked and submitted on my old account instead! I'll have to PM you earlier before the deadline next time!
  5. Well, uh, just thought you ought to know I'm doin' a thing for this too!
  6. Ohhh man... one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite OSTs...
  7. Tsk, tsk, tsk! You missed out on some quality tunes, bud. Nevertheless, I'll try to find a source next time that's more accessible.
  8. I'm rarin' to go as well! Too bad Flipper Flop didn't get any love, though...
  9. Whaaaaat? I had a losing speech prepared and everything! Seriously, though, this was way unexpected... thanks, you guys!
  10. I'd like to change my name from Agrippa to DimWiddy, if it's all right with y'all.
  11. So does that mean that I can delete my ThaSauce upload and resubmit tomorrow with some improvements?
  12. Ooh, boy. Maybe this'll be what finally motivates me to learn a thing or two about sound design. All right, you've got me hooked. Let's do dis.
  13. +1 Studio Ghibli presents EVERYTHING. I think that Pokemon is especially fitting for the slow, nuanced style of Hayao Miyazaki.
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