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  1. PostmanCHILE,

    I absolutely love your music and I'm wondering if I can use 'Water Stage' as part of my Doctoral Research Project? I'm currently working on a DMA (Doctoral degree) in Music Composition and part of my degree requirements is to write a research project on a topic of my choice. I love the music written by gamer composers so I decided to focus on this as my topic.

    For the project, I am transcribing (making sheet music) and analyzing compositions by gamer composers as well as music from various VGM soundtracks and looking for cool relationships between the two. Let me know if you're game!!


  2. Hello again. Today i want to share with you this song that I composed and i want to if this song is a good option for an opening. This isn't finished, maybe the idea, but I need to record everything with real instruments, 'cause I used Reason 5 for this. https://soundcloud.com/marco_mella/uno
  3. Thx for your suggestions. My idea with this song is to use it in the credits of a game, that's why its called "happy ending"
  4. somebody told me the same about Aquatic Ambience, that it sounds similar.
  5. The idea of this song I think is complete but I want to record some sounds again with real instruments (like the guitar), because I composed it on Reason 5 and the sounds are too fake. The title of the song is "Como un día de Lluvia"(Like a rainy day) and it could be used on a water stage, rain stage or some place that is cold i think, that is what the song make me feel. I hope you like it. https://soundcloud.com/marco_mella/comoundiadelluvia
  6. This is a song I'm working on, but I was stuck and do not know how to finish it, if add some more, repeat something, rearrange them or some other modification. I'm Using Reason 5 with a refill of Commodore 64 sounds. https://soundcloud.com/marco_mella/happy-ending-demo-incompleto
  7. Many thanks for your comments, I'll talk to the band to find the way of improving our mistakes. Thanks a lot.
  8. Many thanks for your comments, I'll talk to the band to find the way of improving our mistakes. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hello again, now i wanna share with you our jazzy version of Casino Night Zone from Sonic 2. I hope you like it. https://soundcloud.com/combobreakervg/sonic-2-casino-night-zone
  10. We are a band from Santiago de Chile and we made a metal arranged version of the classic Brinstar Depths from Metroid. I hope you like it. https://soundcloud.com/combobreakervg/brinstar-depths-arranged PS: Sorry about my English.
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