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  1. Another amazing MAGFest, #1 highlight for me this year? The hyped madness of Ben Briggs at the VGDJ Battle. That man has a stage presence like nothing I've seen. I'm sorry I didn't make more of an effort to meet OCR MAGFolks! I had every intention of trying to link up and hang out with people but wound up so caught up in the chaos that I hardly spent time even with the friends I brought! I'll have to try even harder next year. For those of you that missed it, I am sorry, but fear not! "For as the sun rises on yet another day, so too, are we closer to another MAGFest." - Benjamin
  2. Last year at the State of the Fest Address, Paul said something that's really stuck with me. Regardless of what rules the Gaylord might issue, and how many people volunteer to enforce those rules, the best way to keep everything safe, fun, and retain our welcome at the Gaylord, is to discourage poor behavior ourselves. If the community is against bad behavior, then we have nothing to worry about. I'm inclined to agree with Paul on this one. If someone's doing stuff like trashing the hotel, ask them politely to respect the space we've been granted. Even though we're paying for the con, and payi
  3. That would be me. Though I haven't ever really posted in the forums, I've been frequenting OCR since the early '00s. Hype for MAGFest! Too many amazing things happening all at the same times, like usual! >_<
  4. I will be there! I promised Arrow I would pay better attention this year when I was at the merch table last year, so I did! I even tried to reserve a spot in the OCR block, so hopefully that worked out. I'll see you all there!
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