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  1. IIRC, they just finished Final Fantasy IX right before MAGFest. I believe they're picking up Seiken Densetsu 3 next, mostly because Drumultima and I wouldn't stop bugging them to do it.
  2. Just wanna chime in to note that I built a machine in July, entirely based on parts suggested to me by prophetik, and it's served me super well since then. Huge props! Man knows what he's doing.
  3. Verrrry belated reply, but yes, happy to have you on board!
  4. Friday, March 30 to Sunday, April 1 Walter E. Washington Convention Center Washington, DC http://awesome-con.com/ OC ReMix returns for their second year at AwesomeCon to celebrate the greatest music in the world: video game music. OCR will showcase their community's latest and upcoming free projects including tributes to Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, and Sega racing titles. No matter what genre of music you like, OCR has you covered, so come join OC ReMix founder djpretzel and several OC ReMixers to see what's new! OC ReMix: Honoring game music since 1999 Panel Date/
  5. I doubt I'll be opening up the limitations for this album, but as I mentioned in the OP, I plan on doing a sequel album after this one that's specifically battle themes, so that one (assuming you're talking about "Quicksand", which was Thanalan 1.0 battle theme and now is Sohm Al Hard) would be perfect for that. I'll definitely let you know when that one gets started.
  6. The only limitation I've baked into this album is what sources are on offer. Besides that, you can do whatever you want. Knock yourself out!
  7. Back when I was privately floating the idea of this album, before I'd even figured out what tracks I was gonna offer as sources, OA was like "gimme Ishgard" and basically didn't give me a choice in the matter, lol
  8. I drafted this post elsewhere before it got moved to the appropriate spot, so replying to bump it so everyone will see it now that it's public!
  9. Wow, this is incredible! Your husband did a great job with the video too, but I had to just listen to it with the video in another tab. Couldn't really watch much of it... I can't handle clips from this show right now, lol
  10. After several of my friends got me into Final Fantasy XIV, I fell in love with the game so hard that I've been playing pretty regularly for a year and a half straight now. The game has an incredible soundtrack, with over 400 songs, and I wanted to see an OCR album for it. Of course, 400+ songs is insane, to the point where this game has a legit Guinness World Record for the most original music in a video game. With that much music, and since XIV isn't the cultural touchstone something like VI or VII is (WHICH IS A TRAVESTY), I couldn't guarantee I'd be able to get enough interest in this for e
  11. It was much fun seeing everyone I was able to see! Of course, that number was significantly lower than previous years, simply because of the hotel situation making everyone a lot more scattered.
  12. Definitely interested. I had a similar idea with renting places on the beaches of the NC Outer Banks, but those would be 3-5 room beachside cottages, and so getting more than 10-15 people together would require renting multiple cottages. This might work better.
  13. I guess I'll have to make a MusicBrainz account for myself later? Neither of those links work unless I log in. That said, one thing I did have time to look at and noticed an issue with were the release tracks for the album. You've got them tied to individual OCR mixpost numbers, but now that it's not April 1st anymore, those mixposts were wiped from the front page, and have since been replaced with real mixposts using the same numbers (the first of which is actually Jorito's second track on this album), so you'll want to fix the numbers there too.
  14. That would be because Marlon only sung the lyrical parts in the Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 "Unknown from M.E." songs. The lyrics in this track come from the rapping in the Sonic Adventure 1 version, which Marlon did not do. See https://musicbrainz.org/recording/85f77fe2-2790-4791-898c-d51178bc916b. The internet does not seem to agree whether his name is Dred Foxx or Dread Foxx though.
  15. Really happy to see this finally released! Hope everyone enjoys it!
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