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  1. Might as well make an introductory post. So, hello OCR community! I'm amazed that it took me until 2013 to discover this site's existence. One of my favorite things in the world is the history contained within music. I don't mean the history of music in a general sense (although that does interest me) -- rather, I mean seeing ideas and concepts re-imagined in new music, passed on like a tangible piece of history. It's a beautiful thing, and that's what OCR is all about! I've been lurking ever since I found the place this summer, not so much in the forums, but browsing through the artists and music. I'm an amateur sax and piano player. Among the sax family, the baritone is my true love, though I also play the alto and tenor. I'm still new to DAWs, but I've spent the last few months really learning my way around FL Studio. Recently, my primary focus has been on improving my Piano skills, particularly my technical skill, ability to play by ear, and my repertoire. This is largely because I don't have the equipment to do quality recording for the sax -- hooking up a midi cable to one of my keyboards is much simpler! I hope to make a submission soon!
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