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  1. I have nothing else to say but... Woo. Very Woo. Great stuff, I seem to love every Star Salzman piece that I hear...
  2. Very good, music from my favorite game of all time. The only problem with it was that I found it too short, it made me hunger for more. I'm afraid that I can't say that this is my favorite remix (7YearsBroken is currently my favorite), but I still would give it at least an 8.5 out of 10. You had some very nice effects in there, very well spaced breaks, and it was so well done that I actually had trouble tying it to the original game. You had a very good feel of the whole Chrono Trigger mood, and I felt that more than one song was actually put in there, even though it was based upon only on
  3. By Blindeye's standard, I'd have to give this amazing piece a 10 out of 10, so I'll do so. Great game, great music, amazing remix. I might be new here, but what better section to start in than Xenogears? After hearing the remixes here (especially this one), I was driven to go back and reply the game, missing the esscence which you so majestically captured. You sing amazingly and I'd love to hear you do more. Good job, and may you continue to prosper!
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